Citrus Springs, FL - Just moved here/Looking for competition

Hey, this is my first post here but I felt it was necessary. My name is Adam and I’m a player from St. Louis, I love all fighting games, but my best would probably be SF4, Injustice and SoCa, I’m also going to CEO and EVO. Well anyways, less than a week ago I packed up and moved to Citrus Springs, Florida to start working construction as a framer, and with the lax schedule I have, I still have plenty of time for games, the problem is that the only people I know here are my family, none of them are very good at fighting games. I’m looking for people who are either willing to travel, or willing to let me travel to them for grind sessions, as I don’t want to have to resort to playing strictly online. I have a PS3 with SSF4AE2012, Injustice, KoFXIII, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger and I have MvC2, SFA3 and Darkstalkers Resurrection downloaded from the PS Store, along with a bunch of non-fighters. We can MM if you want but more than anything I just need someone to play with to keep from getting rusty.

Your best bet is the Gainesville thread. I can’t merge posts in this new forum for some reason, but check there.