Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Ranking Battles I Results+ Vids thread

KOFXII: Decided Dark Geese!

1st: Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)- Eiji, Duck King, Kim, Duo Lon (L)
2nd: Rodo (CD. Juarez, MEX) Kyo, Malin, Kula (L)
3rd: Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) Kula, Gato (L), Duo Lon (L)
4th: Kira (CD. Juarez, MEX)) Ryo, Maxima, Yuri, Kula (L)
5th- Fory (CD. Juarez, MEX) Terry, Ralf, ??

I’m still in Mexico right now, and will be back in the USA in the morning but it’s gonna take some serious time before all the matches get up! Great matches and everyone is looking forward to “the next meeting!”

I can tell you all this much, The Next Ranking Battle in October is gonna be great! RJ and Mr. KOF they hope you guys have passports so you all can come throwdown because Rodo will not have a visa until January.


More results:

KOFXI CD. Juarez, Mexico 2v2-
1st- Team Beto: Fory-Kane9999
2nd: Team Juarez Ver. 2: Dark Geese-Rodo
3rd: Team Kira: Kira

Here are some vids just to hold you all over while I am uploading:

KOFXI Casuals:


was this only 5 people, oh and stop beating on mario

Yes and no!

Yes and no, people kept coming in and out and leaving, so it wasn’t only five people. Me, Rodo, Beto (Kane9999), Ivan, Xame, Fory, Kira.

Mario is determined to get better, so I’m gonna keep on playing him. He’s learning plus now I got more stuff to show him from my latest trip from Juarez, Mexico this time! Boy I came really close to getting 2nd at least in the KOFXI tournament this time…you all will see in the Losers Finals me vs. Rodo…I’m calling it, next time Rodo loses to my Gato Leader!!!

(American Style Gato Leader befuddles him as many people don’t play like that in Mexico but I told him everyone and their mommas momma whores Gato Leader in America!)

Larry ke pedo wey!!! jaja

la proxima ves que vuelvas Gato no sera ningun problema para mi y te lo voy a demostrar a ti y tu equipo.

asi es que practica

More matches!

Dije a Beto entrenarte como jugar en contra Gato Lider cabron!!! El equipo mio con Gato Lider? ** EL OCTUBRE VAMOS A VER RODO!!! **:nunchuck:

Here’s a helluva lot more videos guys:

More casuals from 8-15-09:

KOFXI Casuals:

KOFXI Tournament footage and other from 8-15-09:

Dark Geese vs. Rodo FT5:

KOFXI 2v2 Tournament Footage-

CD. Juarez KOFXI 2v2 Winners Finals: Team Juarez vs. Team Beto:

CD. Juarez KOFXI 2v2 Losers Finals: Team Juarez V2 vs. Team Kira:

CD. Juarez KOFXI 2v2 Grand Finals: Team Juarez V2 (L) vs. Team Beto (W)

Next batch of matches and probably the last set of the day as I got other stuff I gotta do today, hell I still havent gone home yet haha.

KOFXII Casuals:

Enough for now…more later…


CHINGADERAS!!! con la chocha de chun-li jajaaja

Yo geese. Did you get my PM. I dont think my PMs work on SRK. Can you send me a PM with your email or an email to:

muzras(at)gmail(dot)com, had question about your attendance at warzone.


No mames Rodo pero ya no vas a ver la chocha de Chun Li jajaja. Ya uso el ORIGINAL…el SATURN PAD CABRON!!!:smokin:

Check your PMs…yes I will be at West Coast WarZone.

Guys more vids tomorrow…I’ve uploaded enough for one day and I got other stuff to do!


More vids from the CD. Juarez, Mexco Ranking Battles-


Casuals between me and Rodo:

CD. Juarez, Mexico Ranking Battle 1 KOFXII Super Bowl II: Dark Geese (USA/CDJ) vs. Kane9999 (MEX)-

KOFXI Singles Tournament:

Winners Finals: Kane9999 (MEX) vs. Rodo (MEX)-

Losers Finals: Dark Geese (USA/CDJ) vs. Rodo (MEX) Rodo Survives!

This is actually a 2 part series, but I decided to put just the last part because of a long story with the sound issues. Practically at this part when I win at the beginning of this match we are tied up 2-2. They know how to fight Duo Lon Leader all the time because they play against that all the time. BUT, Gato Leader is a mystery to most of them because very few play him, UNLIKE here in the USA where EVERYONE and their grandmomma whores Gato Leader. :sweat:

CD. Juarez Ranking Battle 1 KOFXI Super Bowl II: Kane9999 (W, MEX) vs. Rodo (L,MEX)-

Documentary footage (a lot of it) is being uploaded.


awesome stuff, thanks for the vids!

Gonna watch the KOFXII vids later. Saw the first one and I noticed a few things I wasn’t doing with Terry. Good to know.

Final Batch of vids the documentaries:


The Final Wrap up with me giving sneak previews of future projects:


wtf guys stop playing KOF fucking A