Civil war: House of m #1

Issue # 1

So basically this is how Magneto made Mutants the superior in the world Wanda created/altered?
Eh I’ll pass, not much of a fan of Magneto, but that’s just one of the many reasons why I don’t feel like reading this.

Agreed maybe i should have posted it in the xmen thread since it happens to be about how he get gained control. To be honest they mind as well keep the House of M universe going.

Nice cover, sucks that theres not comic shop near me anymore.

Could they not think of a better title?

Yeah before I knew what it was that title was made me groan. I just thought, “Wow, that’s too messy for me, a crossover of two company wide crossovers?” I am happy to hear that’s not the case.

…what the hell does Civil War have to do with this?

Wouldn’t this just be like House of M #0?

I have to say i not really feeling this, the fact is that its kinda late and the house of m has been done. That doesn’t mean im not going to read it though im just not expecting it to be something special.

Get two groups of people who were drawn into the the events by tradeback with one mini.

Honestly I am surprised they are able to mine HoM like this, but who knows maybe the HoM minis are better then the original series. IMO that shouldn’t be that hard but still.

gage is writing it. that means it’s an automatic purchase. in trade of course

Well whomever gets the book please place your review

The first issue was meh to me.

Issue 1


Magneto joins with Apocalypse to go war against humans. But he later realizes he doesn’t agree with Apocalypse’s views. Then Apoc basically jobs to Magneto, by getting his brain fried or something, because its an electromagnetic field. I dont remember Mags ever doing anything like that, but I could be wrong.

But I still think it has potential. I usually like anything with Mags.