CIVIL WAR II:The South Rises Again! 7/31/2010 in Richmond, VA

It’s about that time everyone!

Civil War is back! This time at Strange Matter!

Strange matter is a Restaurant/Venue/Arcade in good old RVA (get it?)

They have been awesome to work with an very open for the community to place cabinets in there of games we’d like to play.

They are happy to host our events, but to support them, make sure to pick up a beer and/or a meal and remember to tip your server well.

929 West Grace Street
Richmond VA


Super Street Fighter Four (PS3/Xbox360) 10$
SSF4 3v3 teams

Registration Fee: 5$
(This fee goes towards maintenance of games; purchasing new boards/cabs; new sticks/etc)

Capcom vs SNK 2 (ARC) 5$(PHOTO)

3rd Strike (ARC) 5$ (PHOTO)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (ARC) 5$(PHOTO)

SF2: SuperTurbo (ARC) 5$(PHOTO)


Vampire Savior (ARC)

Please Sign up and Register on this thread.

The tournament will be run using Tonamento: and I’ll personally seed the brackets.


is plentiful around the venue, but it’s in a city, so you’re going to either have to be crafty or pay some money.
In front of the Venue is metered parking at .50 an hour. I’m not really sure if the meters are checked on saturdays, but they only go until 6pm anyway.
Beside the venue is a lot with “Honor Box” paid parking for 6$. However, you can’t leave your space once you park there.
One block away on broad street is VCU’s parking deck for the Siegal Center and the bookstore. The lot is usually open on weekends and is free if no events are being run. If an event is going on, parking is like 5 dollars. This is my recommended parking solution.

More than likely, we will be playing games at the arcade or at someone’s house on friday night, so if you’re not an early riser, come hang the night before!

After the tourney on Saturday is the traditional Richmond bar crawl! This time, I’ll have a planned route.

Several local Richmond players can house people on Fri/Sat: Here’s the list (to be updated)

  1. Robin/ Renegade: 6-7 people on Fri/Sat
  2. Perry/Gauze: ?
  3. Corey/VAKing: ?
  4. Chris Adams/Drizzle: ?
  5. Collin Anderson: ?

There are also hotels:

The all around best choice for hotel is the comfort inn on broad st.
The holiday inn on boulevard and other really cheap options are around but are kinda in the ghetto,

There is always the holiday inn express/Omni/or Jefferson downtown if you are ballin.

**Game Rules: **

All tournaments will be best of 3.
WF, LF, GF are best of 5.

Cabinet tournaments are subject to be single elimination if time is a factor.

payouts are 60/30/10 unless it’s under 10 entrants, then it’s winner take all.

SSFIV Rules: Winner can change ultra, must choose ultra first.

3v3 rules: Whole tournament character lock. No two characters on a team.

Placeholder for signup List

SSFIV Singles
2. William “MOOSE” Hummel
3. DSinnie (SOVA)
4. Matt “Foomyjin” Kavalek (SOVA)
5. WTF Shinryuken (SOVA)
6. Keninblack (NOVA)
7. LUD (MD)
8. Perry “Gauze” Spooner (RVA)
9. Collin Anderson (RVA)
10. Strogg (NOVA)
11. Adam Lane (RVA)
12. Bryan “!(?_?)!” Ford (NC)
13. Kyle “Comeback386” MacFarland (PA)
14. Matt “VicViper” Taylor (RVA)
15. Jason “Rugal.B” Harding (MD)
16. Matt “Gummowned” Gummo (SOVA)
17. Cory “VA_King” Caudill (RVA)
18. Brandon “HAV” Tizol (MD)
19. David-Paul “Jibbo” Mattock (NC)
20. Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick (NC)
21. RyRy (SOVA)
22. Commonsense (NC)
23. 10x (SOVA)
24. ShankD (Fred VA)
25. Havitz (Cville)
26. JP_FTW(Cville)
27. The Mole (Cville)
28. LoneEnigma (RVA)



  1. William “Moose” Hummell
  2. Robin “Renegade” Palm
  3. Nolan Perkins
  4. Foomy (SOVA)
  5. Adam Lane (RVA)
  6. Bryan “!(?_?)!” Ford (NC)
  7. Kyle “Comeback386” MacFarland (PA)
  8. Jason “Rugal B” Harding (MD)
  9. Brandon “HAV” Tizol (MD)
  10. 10x (SOVA)
  11. Ryry (SOVA)


  1. Nolan Perkins
  2. Strogg (NOVA)
  3. Foomy (SOVA)
  4. Jason “Rugal.B” Harding
  5. Ryry (Sova)


  1. Robin “Renegade” Palm
  2. Kyle “Comeback386” MacFarland (PA)
  3. Ryry (SOVA)


  1. Keninblack
  2. WTFShinryuken
  3. Strogg
  4. Bryan “!(?_?)!” Ford (NC)
  5. Kyle “Comeback386” MacFarland (PA)
  6. David-Paul “Jibbo” Mattock (NC)
  7. Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick (NC)
  8. Ryry (SOVA)
  9. Commonsense (SOVA)
  10. 10x (SOVA)


  1. Kyle “Comeback386” MacFarland (PA)
  2. Robin “Renegade” Palm (RVA


I will play Super, and hyper fighting…

UGHHH, i’m in there, Super, teams, and 3s

Looks like I am most likely showing up.

SSF4 Singles

Can we get 2v2 3s going if it gets interest?

MK2 has now been upgraded to UMK3. So the UMK3 side tourney is a go.


Want I should bring Marvel 1 as well?

I will be there for ssf4 singles, teams, and CvS2

i will try to make it out to this if i can anyone willing to house a player that plays everything including mortal kombat :slight_smile: if its on cab i will win :):):slight_smile:

Bryan “!(?_?)!” Ford
Charlotte, NC

Keninblack - assuming the sticks on the 3s cab are alright, do you want to run our 3/5 for $10 that we never got a chance to run?

I will see if I can. Because I spent that money… being my age getting money is hard to come by I had 40 bucks. Spent 30 on PKMN HG and spent the 10 for tourny entry I had to pay.

If I come up with any money I will let you know.

SORRY! :frowning:

That is cool.

Also, I just figured this was on July 31st and not June. lol. Keep me pre-regged though, I should still be able to make it.

another one i should win

If you bothered to show up. This is closer than Baltimore, though.

I need housing if im able to come down Robin.

Matthew “VicViper” Taylor
SSF4 singles

Also, for those who are interested, I’m bringing my laptop again, and this time, we can actually get 2P on MAME to work, so we could get some hype matches of Jackie Chan in or whatever awesome, crazy and/or obscure games you people feel like playing.

TMNT:TF on the SNES was so fucking good, and I feel the need to thank whoever it was who recommended it to me.

I’ll finally get to make it to a tourny at SM. Sign me up for SSF4.

Consider both of yourselves housed. What are you playing Jason? SSF4/CvS2/MvC2?

Friday and/or Saturday?

I will try to make it up there. I’ll try to get some others from Charlottesville to come with me.

You guys better show. I’ve had like 4 tourneys and you guys are only an hour away.

What games are you entering?