Civil War VI Grand Finals: Zeus (Vega) Vs Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)



No youtube footage out there yet. I think it may be evident who wins this based on matchup alone, but Zeus put up a very convincing performance: and his comeback game was just godlike. Literally.

Even though Vega is not the victor, it’s still pretty impressive to see a downplayed character like this make it so far. Definitely going to make for an interesting possibility in EVO.



Love that, Zeus’s definitely very powerful Claw whom we have to learn and to get hype from
His reaction and footsie are godlike, also.



I’ve been eyeing his game for some time, the man is simply solid. I’ve learned a lot of character specific setups just from watching him roll.


Zues is amazing, but it’s going to really suck in Ultra when those wakeup setups don’t work on Rufus anymore due to delay wakeup. Meanwhile Rufus doesn’t really give a fuck about our delay wakeup.


There will be ways to time for delayed wakeup, we’ll just have to discover different measuring techniques.


… but he lost this time, so why you happy? Nah, I’m kidding, his play is amazing.

This. Already seen stuff from Cammy/Ibuki. People are crazy if they think either of these two are going to be useless. I’ve tried Ultra Cammy myself also.


difference between vega and those 2 characters is that they can jump, and then delay themselves midair when they see the reversal message. only characters that can do that are those that have command normal/specials in the air


We should get air back flips.


Vega needs his cage. Wtf Capcom.

This is how it goes.

Vega: LOL NOPE Izuna Drop


and Vega players will always try to be Player 1 to be able to chose stage selection
and 100% matches of Vega will be in this stage
and we will see Vega’s lovely back when 99 seconds run out, Vega with life lead will always climb up to his cage, and the opponent is like: wtf go down there bitch !!

However, I love this idea.

Do u guys know, when I was a kid, I love playing Vega just because how awsome I think of him.
I watched Ken player who put his last 5 coins to beat Balrog and then met the hidden masked fighter, got destroyed by his long claw, ass-surplex throw after a moment I saw a spider climbed up to a huge cage. After 2 rows, the masked fighter won and threw out his mask as victory pose. I was like: Awesome as fuck!

My story of maining Vega started from there


Should be for Player 1 or 2, unless you’re ugly.
I used to love fighting Vega, just because of the cage, then Balrog, Sagat, Bison. Hated Bison the most, struggled with him a lot more than Sagat despite that ridiculous uppercut damage he had.


I don’t get how to focus then air throw…


you do it 1-2 frame off the ground. you need to almost be touching the ground


i guess im just not good enough :frowning:


Welp. Guess not! It’s not that hard once you get it. You need the active frames of the throw to be on the frames you’d otherwise be landing on, practically. You’ll get it.