Cl.HK (not boot) Usage and FADC

So the other day I was in training mode and I found that Cody’s Cl.HK, the one where he does a kick vertically above his head can be FADC’d. I tried messing around with it some more but was unable to find any real use for it.

Also I noticed that if an opponent is jumping directly above you (ex. runaway tatsu) that this move comes out instead of the boot, sometimes even stuffing/trading with the opponents cross up attacks.

Mainly I was just wondering if anyone has found some use for this move.

it beats neutral jumps pretty neat

man when you have the BOOT, why do you need any other move? You should worry about being able to fadc the BOOT into another BOOT. Since it will be insta win.

triiiiiiied it w/closeboot
doesnt work unfortunately :razz:
i dont think theres enough frame adv after close s.roundhoueFADC for anything(maybe 3f short in ae?.. or if you hit it meaty…:wonder:)

@lone i think you nailed it though, works well vs some chars (bad?)xup attempts or like zuk said to aa n.jump stuff.

now if it caused standardknockdown & was jp1 as an anti air then you *could *fadc it into another one… ah the stuff dreams are made of :looney:

Ya I agree with the frame advantage problem, in the data its -1 on hit.
But then why would they give him the ability to FADC if it doesnt link to anything? Is it just there for safety?

I messed around with this move when the game first came out, because it looks like it was clearly meant to be an anti-air for cross ups or extremely deep jump ins. Unfortunately, the move is too slow to use reliably, so I stopped using it for that purpose all together. More often than not, you simply get hit out of the start up by the cross up you’re intending to anti-air. It definitely can work, you just have to hit the cl.HK extremely early to give it time to start up. Also, it should be noted that cl.HK hits behind Cody a good amount.

I also thought there might some (costly) gimmick by doing anti-cross up cl.HK, FADC forward and be able to move to decide which side Cody would be on when they land from the reset for a good mixup. Unfortunately this basically doesn’t work. Like I said, the most effective use of the move is to anti-air cross ups. The thing is, due to the slow start up of the move and the hitbox extending behind him, when you anti-air a cross up, Cody will almost always wind up hitting them after they’ve switched sides. Therefore, when you try to FADC dash forward, your dash will get auto-corrected and you’ll dash the wrong way. This sounds like a weird random thing, but it happens extremely consistently. To dash in the direction you’d want, you have to input an FADC back dash, which will get you an auto corrected back dash in the direction you want, but of course, Cody’s back dash is too shitty to give you time to position yourself on the side of your choosing.

tl;dr: I use it very rarely, and only for a very obvious cross up jump attempt. Mostly, it’s too slow to use on reaction for crossup/deep jumps because apparently, it’s the only thing in the game slower than his walk speed.

On the subject of AAs what’s a better AA for Cody?
b+mp is good but the timing sometimes screws me over and HK Ruffian becomes a terrible habit

depends on the jump arc / range / timing. frontal jump ins or those who land before you => or ruffian. one direct onto you => neutral jump: or “crossed” jumps (that didnt hit you) s.lp