Clan gg!



Gentlemen Gamers is a recent long standing World of Warcraft guild (recently called Nerds o War) turned into a multi-game community clan that is now recruiting more players!
The games that we currently focus on are the following:

League of Legends
DotA 2
Eve Online:Incarna
Fighting Games (Currently on Xbox only for now):
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

In the near future, we will add more games to our roster when we have more members that support said game. Like King of Fighters, Smite, Planetside 2 etc.

What are our requirements you ask?

Our main voice chat program that we use is Mumble:

Is a mic required? Absolutely! Head set is optional. However if you have children with sensetive ears it is highly recomended as we do not ask our members to censor their language.

Any age requirements? Yes. We only accept members of age 18 and up.

For more information please visit our site and apply today!

With all of this said, I am looking forward to hearing all of the new voices soon and hope all of our new upcoming members enjoy their time in the Gentlemen Gamers clan!

Thank you!


I was about to say… was this the same gg from the CS 1.5-1.6 days lol. Will check around the site some more though.


Personally I think it’s awesome when the equivalent of a pyramid scheme for social groups advertises on a forum that couldn’t give a shit about them.


Will you be having a Windjammers division like EMP?


How will you convince your members that online does not matter in FG’s and they will HAVE to go outside for meet-ups/tournament in order to be any good?


they probably need to be convinced of it first lol


The first thing i thought when i entered this thread was Gamers for God o.o dear jesus

whats the clan for tho?


And how much sponsorship money are you paying?


its a clan you dipshit not a team/sponsor. there’s a difference


This site is better:


This team is better, its called OTT.


I’ll sign up if you have Karnov’s.


What’s the point then? Who the heck joins these things for anything other than sponsorship money.



yeah hide behind the mask of a troll. a good troll never admits theyre trolling. get fucking owned owned owned


Lol’d at the hostility.

What happened to console clans anyway? Do they just exist on CoD now? I remember in 08/09 console clans were everywhere for loads of games, it never really took off on SF4 though, (in the UK anyway). It’s a dead market now though i guess as sponsorship rife, still i like the idea of having a personal clan, like minded people that play similar games etc.