Clan Wars Oh Yea-

I wanna say sup here im new and this place is great.

If you have a clan, want to make tourny,well Mystic Gaming is all for that. :clap: .Also, our clan battles we keep scores so we know who will reign supreme.I don’t want to get in details but,check it out :tup:

Welcome to Shoryuken, it’s great having you here

sorry, the sad fact is that kaillera clans are all asstastic, and were too whiney and bitchy to ever do any clan wars or anything
thanks for trying, though

oh, except for 2 mexican kof kaillera clans which like 50% of their members are in both, so its not as exciting.

i think most kaillera players, in general are too whiney and bitchy.

Lol well we alos have halo pc and counter strike 1.6 clans, you can join or make.