CLANG: Motion capture sword fighting


Didn’t see a thread for this, so it looks safe.

Seems like this would count within the realm of fighting games, if on the edge. Would anybody try to get serious with something like this?

(have doubts myself, seems like motion-capture and moving a 20 pound weapon that you don’t actually have in your hands won’t mix well)

Edit: Also, does Neal Stephenson know what he looks like? Dude can not pull off a Le Vey.


OMG!! That concept sounds AWESOME. For anyone who plays fighting games regularly, you know players didn’t get to their skill level overnight. Lots of practice, playing others, getting beat down a lot, and learning.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a legit sword fighting simulation like that? At first we’d all start off like pitiful noobs, just trying to do whatever, but then slowly over time the community would start stepping their sword skills up. You’d have dudes being awesome at Real life(or as real as it can be) blade disarming techniques against others, etc.

Wii & kinect were stupid not to attempt something like this. Needs to be first-person though.

Anyway, i’m a massive broke ass right now so i cannot donate to the effort. But hopefully if word gets out, it’ll catch the eye of some name developer out there who will want to really give it a shot.


Or you can try something closer to the real thing than a fucking video game?


At least fighting games simulate a system that doesn’t exist in real life and is actually done best in the form of a video game, so it makes sense to enjoy it and to invest in it.
But why play a video game of a guy swimming when instead you can go and swim yourself?


Why play a game about playing drums when you can go buy a kit?
Why play a game about football when you can get some dudes together and play football?
Why play a game about flying a plane when you can go get a pilot license?

Because games are fun.


Why live when you can sit in front of a screen and settle for pathetic imitations of life’s simple activities?
It’s not that hard to go outside with your buddies and play some sports, which will be A LOT MORE FUN than playing a video game about sports.
The point is that if this sword thing really interests you, why not pursue it (and starting to get into fencing isn’t as hard and time consuming as getting a pilot’s license…) instead of settling for less?


They have a game that simulates day to day life. Its called Sims. Anything is possible after that.


Joining a fencing club, buying gear, taking lessons, traveling to a gym, and scheduling a match is not as simple as turning on a game system and picking up a controller. Hopefully, people who play the game will become interested in the actual sports, or they may decide that it’s a fun time sink but not something that they would want to invest more time into.

Personally, I don’t have the time to take fencing seriously, but I do have time to fuck around with a game.

Also, the tech is interesting.


It also is about swinging around giant 2h swords, it’s harder to get a club for that (Although they exist, you have to be into LARP stuff then).

One of the good things I think could come out of it, if they get over the inertia issue, is I’ve thought for years it would be good to have a game with better block/parry frames and animations. Getting that part right seems to be one of the cores of this project.


Why waste years of your life counting frames, memorizing long combos, and committing dumb obtuse inputs to muscle memory, when you could just learn to play the guitar and possibly get a record deal, be successful and get tons of girls(or guys if you’re into that) all over your dick? Fighting games are just pathetic imitations of real fighting anyway.


Stand behind your comment by posting it with your real user, maybe then I’ll bother replying to it.


I like how learning to play FGs is a waste of time but playing Halo is a one way ticket to being rich. and that’s only of you give up your entire life to try and become the best player.