Clarification of JP players attending Evo

Hi guys,

Even since our $20k pot announcement there has been a lot of speculation about which JP players will be attending Evo. At this point we have only announced that Daigo and Tokido are coming. There are a few more players coming, and we will announce the full list of names once we are confident that it’s complete.

Thanks inkbot…i’ve been wondering why people are saying a bunch of others are coming when there’s no official announcements for it yet.

Because someone made a joke and everyone ran off with it as if it were divine mandate.

I heard Kuroda was coming.

Eita won a free ride to Las Vegas in a big French tourney. If he’s not coming I hope he gives his ticket to another top player like Mago or Momochi. I mean if they win it, he can get like half of there winnings or whatever. It’s a win-win situation.

any update? not to mention we got any out of this world players coming? korea? China?

Damn, I was one of the fools who believed it.

sooo the 20k pot, is that 20k extra? Or is it the prize pool has reached 20k from entries?

Pretty sure its just 20k from how many people have entered.

^ Maybe this year they can finally stop claiming that they’re losing money on these things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure its’ 20K minimum pot meaning they’re all but certain that 2000 people are coming. (They probably got like 1960 registrations at the time of the announcement). Pot will probably be like 21K, but if for some reason no one else joins they’ll pay the difference from the venue fee. That’s how it reads in between the lines.

didn’t madcatz donate some money to the pot. also, i’m curious if the guys running evo are actually making any kind of profit now with all these attendees and sponsers. i know it’s probably expensive as hell to have a venue at ceasers palace, but i’m sure with 2000ish attendees, you guys would be able to talk away with some money.

Generally speaking, EVO does not make a profit. You can see this pretty trivially by looking at the price of EVO compared to other fighting game tournaments. Devastation, for example, charges a higher cover fee for a much smaller event in a smaller venue which doesn’t come with lots of perks like the vinyl badge (those are expensive, btw), free t-shirt, etc. Any additional money we pull in is either pumped back into the event (which is why we can guarantee at least $20,000 in price money even before 2000 people have registered) or to buy capital goods to make sure we can keep the event price low for next year (EVO owns all of our own TVs, LCD monitors, PS3s, etc… it took a few years to buy all of those up).

Speaking of shirts, I’m pretty sure that I signed up with a size medium shirt. Is it possible I can get that changed to size small?

thats pretty crazy. props to you guys for keeping it going.

Any word on the other japanese players yet?

i hope daigos there so i can suck his dick

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I’m sick of seeing Daigo’s face, I wanna see the others. And i wanna see them LOSE to America. USA! USA!

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I’m told there are a bunch of attendees that hail from Japan, though the top player list would be Tokido, Eita, and Daigo (plus Daigo mentioned that Shiro is also coming). There are other recognizable JP players (like Kuni), and there may be more “tops” whose real names I just don’t recognize, but those are the top guys as far as I know. Pretty great field, both in terms of size, really strong (but beatable!) players, and interesting personal styles. There are also usually one or two surprise attendees, but who knows? <3 surprises