Clarification on stick numbers

Hello everyone, So I had a few brief question I just needed clarified…

  1. How many Street fighter x Tekken “pro” sticks were made for both xbox and ps3… and the original selling price…

  2. How many MvC 3 “World of two fates” sticks were made for xbox and PS3…

I have a chance to buy either one, So I am just curious from a collector or rarity which one would be better…


These are not the exact numbers but according to the back labels to both the MvC 3 Stick and the SF x tekken Stick
There are approx 5000 MvC 3 Sticks and 1000 Street Fighter X Tekken Sticks.
They both have the same Original MSRP of $159.99

From the collectors standpoint the SF X Tekken Stick is more collectible as Mad Catz (far as I know) has no plans on using that case type any time soon
as the MvC 3 Stick uses the familiar TE case

P.S. The SF X tekken stick is not part of the TE product line

Thanks, dark for the clarification. Working on my collection :slight_smile:

No Dark is misinformed about the SF x Tekken case design. MM stated multiple times that the case will be used with new colors/themes sometime in the future. It is not cost effective to design a case and only produce 2k of them. That is unless it was total flop which it was not.

I could see that due to the design with the screws gone from the face and apparently no circuit board attached to the bottom of the case.

I did not know that Mad Catz has announced a new Pro stick yet. I know Mark Man hinted at a possible new theme of Color scheme to the Pro, but I didn’t hear any word on what yet and when. Hence I try to chose my words there carefully. All we know Mad Catz will have something new next week, end of next quarter or even next year.

True. markman said but nothing was confirmed. If they do make it in a different color Hopefully they improve the design to be more mod friendly. I like how my wrist stays on it but I hate that It doesn’t have the option to open from the top and We need to lose our warranties in order to swap buttons/ball tops/gates ,simple things that you could swap back if something went wrong on a TE from the top ( Besides the fact that We can’t add a plexiglas with our on Artwork on it).For that fact it should be left as Limited Edition.

                                                                                                 Well your able to remove art on SF x Tekken FightStick at the cost of damaging it, now able to locate screws underneath the art for panel, there for giving you the option to create your own art and have a custom plexi cover made to match panel, but I would not recommend doing this to a limited edition version of FightStick PRO.

FightStick PRO is too great a product to be just created for one run.

Now as a collector I would go for the SF x Tekken FightStick Pro due to it only being 1000 total made 500 for xbox360 & 500 for ps3 making this version more rarer, but the FightStick PRO line will continue on different color scheme maybe lower price point and who knows maybe madcatz may make some unlicensed version for the states of this version.