Clark Help!


Hey guys, I need some help on timing the HCBx2 Super Cancel with Clark, after the Flashing Elbow move from the HCF.K grab… Please help me I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out, but it won’t go in my favor.


I don’t really play Clark but I just gave it a try. I could super cancel it kinda easily but only after EX HCF K grab. Maybe it only cancels after the EX version or something…?


But I was on YouTube, and I’ve seen people Super Cancel into Clark’s Special by using HCF.B grab to be exact.

What was your input timing for the HCBx2.K after the grap+ flashing elbow??


ok just tried it 10 times with each version worked 100% only with EX HCF K,had the input disply to be sure i did it right. Time the HCBx2 so that you press and hold A/C/or AC at the moment clark hits him with his elbow. I am 99% sure it can only be super canceled through an ex command grab only.


You can’t cancel his backbreaker into super unless it’s the EX backbreaker. The video might’ve been from the arcade version, quite a few things were changed in the transition to consoles. Can you link the video here?

Timing after the elbow followup is pretty simple. Input the elbow as they’re coming down from the command grab and then do 2 HCBs as Clark’s running to elbow drop them.There’s also something called the button hold trick that can help a lot. Basically when you do a special or super move, even followups like Clark’s elbow drop, if you do the move but hold down the button the game will register that input for several additional frames after you pressed it. You can hold the button for the elbow followup while the opponent’s still in the air, for instance, giving you more time to do the HCBs for the super. And then you can hold the buttons for the super right before the elbow connects.

Video detailing the trick:


Yeah it worked! I just did it once out of luck, but I actually think I have the timing down, thanks Body_Ga.


Yeah I just got the hang of it, the first time I did it was luck, but I got the hang of it, i just did it 5 times straight.

I’m new to this forum, and forums in general, how do you post videos??

Also any cool way I can combo into Clark’s Neo Max??


Just copy/paste the URL raw.

Combos into Neo Max, in order of coolness, consist of:
-Cancelling from a normal
-Cancel from super or EX grab in HD
-Complex HD loops requiring fast inputs and yet another trick


Oh nvm I just rewached the video it was a EX grab, sorry my bad.

Thanks for telling me about the button hold thing, that’s going to help a lot

I want to try the HD EX Grab>Super>Neo Max Cancel with Clark, I’ll do it in a bit.


If you are not very familiar with Complex Combos the easy way to combo in Neo Max is after an EX gatling attack for example :Cr b, CrA , Ex gatling attack , Neo Max
A very easy and simple HD combo is : C, HD, C , EX command grab ,follow up elbow,Super Cancel into super /EX super, Max Cancel into a Neo Max(around 900 dmg).
But keep in mind these are not at all optimal


BG’s right, while those aren’t optimal they’ll do you fine for now. If your execution and hit confirms are on point Clark can do a lot of damage off of almost nothing. With 2 bars low B can lead to 400+


Woah nice! Thanks! I’ll practice this now


Oh but let’s say I’m Super Canceling with Clark’s Super Special, and I want to Max Cancel. Which direction would I input the Neo Max Special if I’m on the right side of the screen?? Kinda confused about that.


Oh never mind, I just figured it out. It’s the opposing direction :stuck_out_tongue:


It took awhile, but I got them both down with my controller! Those combos will be encoded into my DNA lol.


The team I main in KOF is Clark, Saiki, and Mature. Can you guys help me out with them, or should I make a different thread about each character??


You probably shouldn’t make a new thread for everything, no. What questions do you have?

Also just a heads up, you might wanna edit your posts instead of making a lot of new ones, makes things less cluttered. There’s a gear at the top right section of your post you can click to edit.


I wanted to know some cool tricks and combos with Saiki and Mature.


Saiki has some pretty fun HD combos with his teleport followup from QCB D. Hit the trials for those, it’s easier than explaining them. For Mature the main thing she has is DP+P shenanigans and simple juggles in her HDs. QCB B DC into DP A repeat ad nauseum