Clash 06 UMK3 Match Vidz

The long wait is finally over, as UMK3 match vids from Clash 06 are now online and ready for viewing. Assorted competitors such as former World Champion Bill from VA, EWAShock, rsigley, Jet “Sonya” Phi, and newcomer Busta are featured. I was not present, so those of you waiting to see EWA get schooled by Scorpion will have to wait a bit longer.

Here’s the link:

The only schooling Scorpion does is special ed.

Wow, usually at my arcades everyone is using the dude with the sharp hat and spins (I forget his name).

Theres alot of turtling because whoever lands the first hit, wins.

thanks for the videos guys great stuff, always good to see UMK3 tourney footage from you guys. Keep up the good work.

Not to come off as bitchy (because I do appreciate people taking the time to post up some UMK3 tourny matches) but you guys seriously need to either find a better cameraman or start recording matches using a camera stand. Some of those matches are simply painful to try to sit through & watch. Just alittle friendly advice.:wink:


Thanks for showing off Reptile Shock! :tup:

Good shit as always to DTZ, you guys are gonna have to raid MD/VA functions one of these days…I’ll use Kabal :tup:

what are the placings for the tournament?

Shock: I forgot to ask you…

Can you get three energy balls with rep? Or was that the fatality fluke timing that let you do that? I can’t remember… but I think you got it off before that.

edit: nevermind. You got it off before the “Finish Her” (end combo is the hotness)

It was exactly a tournament, by the time everyone started playing I had to leave. For the recorded matches, I was 16 and 6, Bill was 6 and 4, Rob was 4 and 4, Phi was 6 and 7, and Busta was 1 and 11.

Next tournament is in Feb at the Break.

That doesnt answer my question.

Sorry man, didn’t even realize.

You can technically do four force balls in one combo if you time and alternate them right. Slow Ball, Fast Ball, Slow Ball over Reptile, Fast Ball the other way. That’s the limit.