Clash in VA FGC 2006 results!

Taken from Arcadia site edited!

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire C-Vega/Sagat/Blanka(R2)
2nd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire C-Todo/Vega/Blanka(R2)
3rd. Jeron Grayson -Empire K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat(R2)
4th. Adam C- Terry/Ryu/Guile(R2)
5th. Robert ???
5th. ???

Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition
1st. Jeron Grayson -Empire- ST ChunLi
2nd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire- ST Dhalshim/ Hyper Ryu
3rd. Kreymore -Empire- ST Ryu

Super Smash Brothers Melee
1st. Dire -DA/Empire
2nd. Nick
3rd. Eric
4th. David S.
5th. Kreymore -Empire-

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire Yun SA3
2nd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire- Alex SA2
3rd. Jeron Grayson -Empire- Elena SA2
4th. Everett T. Urien Aegis
5th. Steve Yun ???

Tekken 5

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire- Nina
2nd. JTYME Jinmaster Nina
3rd. James ???
4th. Brandon ???
5th. Gary ???
5th. ???

Soul Calibur 3

1st. Gray Fox -Empire-
2nd. Bryan H.
3rd. Chris W.
4th. Mckenzi
5th. Grant F.
5th. ???

Guilty Gear XX: Slash

1st. Donnie "The Iceman"
2nd. John "Fireballtrap"
3rd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire-
4th. Devon "Geist"
5th. Beatface
5th. ???

Halo Combat Evolved - 2v2 Teams
1st. Bizarre and LB64
2nd. T3 and Big Gun
3rd. Nick “Voodoo” Shank and Chris “Katsumoto” Binkley

Halo 2

1st. Nick “Voodoo” Shank
2nd. Brain Frazier
3rd. Brad Rossel

Dance Dance Revolution

1st. Namco03
2nd. Oats
3rd. Voltage
4th. Frozen
5th. Ben

Tetris DS

1st. TFGM -Empire-
2nd. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire-
3rd. Paul
4th. Nick
5th. Michelle

Halo 2 - 4v4 Teams

1st. Joe “Joe Co.” Kozizky
Rob “Titcn” Bowman
Scott “Jebus” Quest
Jared “Knightsfb” Casazza

2nd. Francis “Guga” Cantada
Mark “All Tallent” Cantada
Brian “Voltie” Supenia
James “Kolliabear” Brink

3rd. Jeremy “IIPSYCOII” Mitchell
Brian “Rellik 0n3” Frazier
Derek “Crucial” Lynn
Jeremy “Rellik Two” Vance

4th. Michael “Bizzare” Sheffer
Matt “Storm” Sheffer
John “LB64” Latler
Brat “Biggin” Russo

5th. Justin “Gonzo” Tucker
Johnny “Show” Crowe
Josh “Disciple” Williams
Derek “Kermit” Clark

Halo 2 - 2v2 Teams

1st. Rob and Scott
2nd. Niok and Travis
3rd. Brad and John
4th. Mark and Francis
5th. Josh and Michael

Maddan 2006

1st. Noel -Empire-
2nd. Johnattan Denson
3rd. Denis Thompson

Mario Kart DS

1st. Fizzman
2nd. Namco03

King of Fighters 11

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire- Kula/Gato/Ralph
2nd. John “Fireballtrap” Rothgeb ???
3rd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire- Kula/Clark/???

Magical Drop 3

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire-
2nd. Namco03
3rd. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez -Empire-

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong -Empire-
2nd. Shut Out!
3rd. Shut Out!
4th. Shut Out!
5th. Shut Out!
5th. Shut Out!

Special Event: The Emperial Breach 3

Winner. Aaron Cox and Clay Davis -Roanoke Virginia-
Loser. Empire Arcadia

Life Time Breach Special Statistics:
Empire Arcadia vs. New York: 1-0 Empire (Date 07/03) Attack Format: Singles
Empire Arcadia vs. New York: 2-0 Empire (Date 07/04) Attack Format: Singels
Empire Arcadia vs. Virginia: 2-1 Virginia (Date 07/06) Attack Format: Team

Justin played Genei?!

He played Genei at the X30 tournament too. No surprise…J.Wong is not just a turtling Chun whore. He knows how to play other characters. I doubt he’ll be using SA3 Yun for certain tough matchups at Evo but we’ll see what happens.

Everett!!! BEASTIN!!! GOOD SHIT NIGGA!!! 4th at a tourny with all the top niggas!!! See what happens when you play me for such a long time!!! GOOD SHIT MAN!!! You are the new Shin Urien! Rep that shit man!

Jeron, I didn’t enter KOF11 cause it was a 3 man Round Robin tourney and there was no point playing Justin :slight_smile:

Magical Drop?

Shit, this was serious.


Well I’ve seen him play Ken a few times, but I never really knew he’d play Yun that much. Though I’m sure he’ll be using Chun for sure at Evo.

Yeah…he beasted me out of the tournament with SA3 Yun and also got to play casuals with him where he also used SA3 Yun. He only switched to Chun against maybe one player there AFAIK.

haha, thanks :slight_smile: We needa do so more games so I can place higher next time :wgrin:

Good shit JeRon, those matches were tense as hell :tup:

Article on the event is up!

Yeah definetly man! The tensity was definetly there, especially when I was down 2games:sweat:
I know we were talked about this but try and make it to Evo East Yo!
Hope you had a safe trip back. Be easy!

Damn i didnt know they did a kof 11 tourny…and i was there wtf i wanted to play wong again

I think the mystery 5th place in Tekken 5 was me. I didn’t even know the SF2 tourney happened. I think all the “home team” had ran off to dinner at that time, lol.

Yeah I’m not gonna be able to make it, money is tight right now :(. But hopefully I’ll catch you some other time :tup:

see that’s the thing with justin he likes to mix it up. People always complain that his chun li is cheap. Naw that’s his style and he does well with it. But if you got a chance to play against him in which I did at the EC SBO qualifiers, he is quite good with a couple people i.e. Yun and Ken which people don’t expect. Good shit JWong do it up at EVO East.

Who is the guy who took 4th in ggxx?