Clash of Brokenness Championship Event Results! 7/25-26/09

After two days of running many events I hope everyone had a fun time. It was a lot of work and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. After 7 months of these, I will now take a break and enjoy going to tournaments and work on plans for future events.

I will now post all the results and pictures that we took throughout the days. Hopefully, you get to see some of the things we ran. We ran about 13 Tournaments in 2 days… it wasn’t all the events, but we tried to get everything in. I will apologize for any of the events we did not run, I am sorry we didn’t have enough time for them.

Results for All the Tournaments we ran

Blazblue Singles

1: Icekid

2: Meta

3: Sigme

4: JustOwnin
5: Shardz
5: Da Beast
7: Syxx
7: Frankie
9: GI Joe
9: Jmoney
9: King Of Bums
9: SRX
13: Siegfried
13: Dennis
13: Venters
13: Yosh
17: Blaze
17: Blue Crane
17: Devildigimon
17: Mr Mann
17: Dignity
17: Slayer

Blazblue Grand Finals

Blazblue 3v3 Teams

1: Team Ownage - JustOwnin, Icekid, Jmoney

2: Team Noel’s Armpits - Shardz, Meta, Yosh

3: 2 Girls 1 Sword - ExarchEzekial, Syxx, King of Bums

4: Alpha
5: Purdue
5: Slayer
7: Dragon
7: Blooby*****

Street Fighter 4 Singles

1: Douglas
2: Kevin G

3: Jmoney

4: Brandon S
5: King Of Bums
5: Aki
7: Syxx
7: Isiah
9: Kokain
9: Icekid
9: MadWak
9: JustOwnin
13: Vince
13: Mike O
13: Sonny
13: Charles
17: Carl
17: Devildigimon
17: Johnathan
17: AL
17: KC
17: Chris Tran
17: GI Joe
17: Tommy Mai
25: Adrian

Street Fighter 4 2v2

1: Team destruction (Douglas & Kurt)
2: Team no cream (Syxx & J-money)
3: Team PSN (Mike & Vince)
4: TME (Steven & Brandon)
5: Bill & Ted (Bill & Ted)
5: Kevin & John (Kevin & John)
7: Team Dont Cry (Vayseth & Webster)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

  1. Jiggly
  2. Syxx
  3. Slayer
  4. King of Bums
  5. Mr Man
  6. Maximus
  7. Joshua
  8. Kyle
  9. Kokain
  10. Nino

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core+

  1. Icekid
  2. Nives
  3. Meta
    Rest will be posted later

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Singles

1: Ally

2: judge!

3: Hunger

4: Anther
5: lain
5: Krystedez
7: Kain
7: Fatboy
9: Ook
9: Quik
9: Grimace
9: CoCo
13: Omniswell
13: Bowyer
13: 7f0
13: Snapshot
17: Sago
17: Jose
17: Bo x7
17: GameQ
17: SamuraiPanda
17: Dragondorf
17: Arty
17: Fade
25: Norm
25: Webster
25: Ewok
25: Jake
25: Justin
25: Broke
25: Hoey
25: Xyless

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Doubles

1: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey (flapping arms) (Hunger, Judge)
2: SamuraiLainda (SamuraiPanda, Lain)
3: AllyornotAlly (Ally, Ally)
4: AntheriBoywer (Anther Boywer)
5: Play time is over peach (Kain, bo x7)
5: Omni is quik in bed (Omni, Quik)
7: Hairy Men (Ook, Norm)
7: Crazyloop (Fatboy and Grimace)
9: Sago spooned with omniswell whle he was topless and loved every second of it. (Sago, fade)
9: GTFO Solid (GTFO Solid)
9: Coco Loc (Vayseth and Coco)
9: candy crew (Aerox, Ewok)
13: OM NOM NOM (SnapShot and 7f0)
13: u kan’t cee urs jinnga (Dajayman, Webster)
13: Rudolph (Krystedez, johnny)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Championship Point Standings!

  1. Lain

  1. Anther

  1. Judge

Super Smash Brothers Brawl+

  1. Anther
  2. Tink
  3. Metroid
  4. Polska
  5. Bowyer
  6. Iowa
  7. Coco
  8. Quaz
  9. Zjiin
  10. Gibby
  11. Dajayman
  12. Big D
  13. Xyless
  14. Oro
  15. Looshkin
  16. Fluid
  17. Mslano
  18. Devildigimon
  19. Dark Kakashi

Super Smash Brothers Melee Singles

  1. Kels

  1. Tink
  2. Big D
  3. Quaz
  4. Anther
  5. Mundungo
  6. Mslano
  7. Vro
  8. Zjiin
  9. Bzoo
  10. Gibby
  11. Scythe
  12. Metroid
  13. Foo
  14. Doc
  15. Madwak

Naruto GNT 4 Singles

1: Icekid

2: Dark Sasuke

3: Kokain

4: Akatsuki
5: Bennedy
5: Underscore
7: Funked
7: Urban Yeti
9: Dignity
9: Klitz
9: Vayseth
9: Dark Kakashi
13: Johnathan
13: Big Sexy
13: Devildigimon

Naruto GNT 4 Doubles

1: Me & My Brother (Dark Kakashi & Dark Sasuke)

2: Team Pregnancy (Stripper Vash & Akatsuki)

3: Team Business (Icekid And Underscore)
4: Team Time Loop (Big Sexy & Urban Yeti)
5: Team Free (Jonathan And Ted)
5: GTFOKLITTZZ!!! (Labia & Klitz)
7: Team Black and White (Webster & Vayseth)
7: Team Deerf Nayr (Blue Crane & Gyph)

Naruto Shippuden GNT EX 3 Singles

1: Killtz
2: Icekid
3: GTFOcandy
4: Kokain
5: Dark Kakashi
5: Funked
7: Dignity
7: Akatsuki
9: Vayseth
9: Shikago
9: Stripper Vash
9: Devildigimon
13: Blue Crane
13: Jmoney
13: Johnathan

EX 3 Grand Finals

Icekid vs Killtz

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Singles

1: Dark Sasuke

2: GTFOcandy

3: Icekid

4: Killtz

5: Akatsuki
5: Devildigimon

7: Underscore
7: Funked

9: Bennedy
9: Dark Kakashi
9: Stripper Vash
9: Urban Yeti

13: Fatboy
13: Shikago
13: Jmoney
13: Blue Crane

17: SamuraiPanda
17: Dignity
17: Hunger
17: Kokain
17: Johnathan
17: Kevin G
17: Big Sexy
17: Blaze
25: Venters
25: Vayseth

Naruto Revolution 2 Group Pic for Tomy Corp.

Head TOs of these Events and Farewell Vayseth, have fun in Japan! :slight_smile:

It was fun and hope to see you all in future events! :slight_smile:

I know the times on the photos are wrong, but that was cause I kept replacing Batteries and the camera would not let me fix the time… oh well… >_>;;;;

hey i didnt get dead last in sfiv singles! and im the first one listed in 17th place!

What characters were used for top 5 in sf4 / bb / hdr

OMG. LMFBO at the 2 girls 1sword team photo for blazblue 3vs3. You owe me for not showin’ up to claim that singles money icekid.

shout outs and good shit from everybody this weekend. it was hella fun. 4th in SF4 singles, still gotta crack top 3 next time. Repping Guile to the end!!!

hey look at me


look at me :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Team No Cream is too strong

i had fun, good shit see everyone in a few days

thanks everyone who entered hdr

ggs everyone i played in 4 and blazblue

good seeing slayer and kyle again

also ted and bill

oh and thx for teaming with me, Kurt and Frankie, I think we did pretty good

good to see you to dan.

BB Top 5 chars.:

  1. Jin
  2. Carl
  3. Carl
  4. Nu
  5. Jin, Taokaka

Had a great time on Sunday, GGs to anyone I played. Hope to see you all again sometime soon.

What the impostor combo??

I added Guilty Gear Results as well. Well just top 3. When I get the full results I will update it.

I would like to thank everyone that helped run events this weekend, You guys really helped out and going out of your way to get TVs and set up a system to run an event was great. I know we had a lot of room downstairs to run many more events but I guess everyone wanted to stay upstairs instead of going down there for tournaments next to all the smashers. lol

Big thanks to Devildigimon, Vayseth, Jmoney, Nives, Syxx, Billy, and Fury for helping run events at this tournament. I truly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I would like to apologize for anyone been charged a Spectator Fee while there. We never had a Spectator fee which is why I was stunned to hear people had to pay one. In the prior 6 Events people not playing didn’t have to pay for anything. I figure this was Screenz employees trying to get people to pay that they thought were playing, but I am not sure. I really am sorry about that. I didn’t know my self they were charging a Spectator Fee until I was told by a couple people later in the day. I know Joshua’s gf had to pay a Spectator Fee while she really didn’t need to cause we never had one. Joshua hit me up on PM and I will talk to you about it.


  1. Usual chars like Bison, Sagat, Rog, etc.
  2. Chun
  3. Bar-log
  4. Guile
  5. Abel
  6. Gief


  1. Blanka, Sim, won GF with M. Bison
  2. Kyamii
  3. Thunder Hawk
  4. Vega
  5. Bison
  6. Shotos

SF4 Teams

  1. Balrog, Chun
  2. Balrog, Sagat
  3. Gouken, M. Bison

You’re forgetting that Douglas beat me with Rufus.
Good thing we split before the final match. :pleased:

i don’t watch sf4 matches, that game sucks

splitting with douglas before playing is a good strat

Random gouken players

good games ee’er body.