Classic American Stand Up Cab - Size of Screen?

I recently purchased an old empty cabinet. I’m not sure which game it used to run, but that’s irrelevant since I’m converting it into a Mame cab.

I tried searching on the internets, but I couldn’t find the exact dimensions of the screen for 90s fighters like MK and SFII. I have an old 19" 4:3 LCD monitor I was planning on using, but when I prop it up it seems pretty small. Does anyone know what size is the standard for American cabs? You can’t get 4:3 LCDs any larger than 20", so if the standard screen size is something like 27" I may just throw in an old tv.

The majority of 80’s-early 90’s monitors were 19". Anything past that is usually 25". If your planning on using it for fighting games, do yourself a favor and make it a 25. If you use a 19 it will bug you till you get the 25.

Thanks. It’s funny though, I used that monitor for a year and the size of it never bothered me. I guess i will pick up an old tv on the cheap. Another question though, is it safe to be sitting that close to an actual television screen?