Classic and X-ism character versions in S5?

Though I doubt it’s gonna happen in any format whatsoever throughout SFV’s entire lifespan, I’d really like to have the option of choosing character versions which are in the vein of the red modes of SFA3.
For example, a meterless and triggerless Menat (preferably S2 or S3) with some extra damage both dished out and taken, or a triggerless Ryu (preferably S1) with only a simple EX-less meter a la ST, again with some extra damage both ways.

Even though these versions might be clearly inferior to their metered counterparts, they’d help me focus my gameplan more easily. Meter management too complex for ya? Reduce the nuances in exchange for some extra damage, nerf everyone’s damage across the board to balance it out, and just play like it’s HF, if that’s what you really want. Anyone else want this?

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