Classic Console and more Moving Sale - Neo Geo AES, Sega CDX, Turbo Duo and more

I’m moving and need to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Everything is in pretty good condition and I’ll post pictures on request. I’ll probably be adding more (games for the systems and other stuff) as I find more in the closet. I am an old skool collector so everything is an ORIGINAL!!! but I got rid of the cases for the games a while back to save space and kept everything in books. For the games, I dont have hard prices as I am looking to get rid of them as sets mostly, except for a couple of rare games that would take serious offers.

Turbo Duo with AV cord, AC adapter and controller (current missing lol) and Dungeon explorer 2 (japanese)
150or best offerprice lowered

Neo Geo AES (with box) with two joystick controllers, av cable and ac adapter and these games: Sam Sho 2, FF special, Sam Sho 1 (no box) and World heroes 2
150 or best offerprice lowered

PSOne with one controller, Official LCD screen, AV cables and AC adapter
100 or best offerprice just lowered

Tekken 5 HORI ps2 Joystick
45 shipped

PS3 60gb w/backwards compatibility
350 or best offer

N64 System (no cables or controllers, modded to play japanese games))
30 shipped

Lot of 31 handpicked NES titles and NES GAME GENIE (all good condition with plastic sleeve, comes in 3 plastic cases that hold 10 each):
P.O.W., Battletoads, Double Dragon, The Guardian Legend, Alpha Mission, Strider, Rescue: The Embassy Mission, Double Dribble, Iron Tank, Metal Gear, Track and Field II, Castlevania 3:Dracula Curse, Paperboy, Section Z, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Ghosts N Goblins, The Legend of Zelda (Gold with manual), Pro Wrestling, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Ice Hockey, Megaman 2, Goonies II, Contra, Narc, Super Dodge Ball, Bionic Commando, TMNT: The Arcade Game, Ikari Warriors, Castlevania, Metroid, and my personal fave Tecmo Super Bowl. I’m only looking to get rid of these as a set, pm with offers

N64 games (game only, will combine with system for a discount):
Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 (japanese), Conkers Bad Fur Day, and Sin and Punishment (japanese), Neon Genesis Evangelion 64 (Japanese) and a SNES GAME GENIE AND BOOK!!!omg

Genesis games and genesis game genie(game only)
Master of Monsters (poor sticker condition but works), Gunstar Heroes, and MC DONALDS TREASURE LAND ADVENTURE!!!

Sega CD games (game and manual only unfortunately):
Silpheed, Sonic CD, Eternal Champions, Shining Force CD, Heart of the Alien, Black Hole Assault, Android Assault, Final Fight CD, and umm…Snatcher (english verion, dunno if Ill sell)

PS1 games (game and manual only):
Lunar 2, Vagrant Story, Bust a Groove 1, Bust a Groove 2 (japanese), Metal Gear Solid, Xenogears, Lunar 1, Front Mission 3, Thunder Force 5

Turbo Duo games (game and manual only):
Y’s Book 1 and 2, Dracula X, Final Zone 2, Gate of Thunder/ Bonks 1 and 2, Dungeon Explorer 2, Monster Lair

Saturn(Game and Manual only)
Radiant Silvergun, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Vampire Savior, Xmen vs SF, Marvel vs SF, Shining Force 3 all episodes + premium disk, Magic Knight Rayearth

Most of this stuff isnt fighting game related, so Im more trying to see if there is any interest, so any reasonable offers can be PM’d. Thanks!

EDIT: before the SRK change in JAN, I had 3 feedback reviews for 100%. I’ll be moving to start a new job in a week so the faster I can do this the better.

Dibs on that CDX, Pics?

sure I’ll take some tomorrow morning

btw all items that say best offer do not include shipping. just wanted to clarify.

Great prices and items! Good luck.


PM sent for Ascii Fightpad if it’s not gone already.

Thanks! I’m letting go of some stuff I never thought I would heh


all yours if you want it :slight_smile:

adding more games and systems today! possibly dreamcast with controllers VMU and games, and PS3 60gb with backwards compatibility

Pic of the Tekken Stick please.

sure thing! all pics will be up by the afternoon.

yup its the one pictured below.

Thanks. I’ve been wanting one of those forever…

Just to be sure, it’s this, right?

selling any sega cd or turbografx/duo games?

yup I think I have some. I’ll post a list of games in like an hour or two.

added console games, pics coming next

pmed for some ps1 games.

how much for the japanese bust a groove 2?

how much for the japanese bust a groove 2? and front mission three? Is front mission a US copy?

I’ll get back about the PS1 games in a sec

I think I responded to everyone with PMs that wanted pics. If I didnt and anyone is still waiting let me know! thanks

pmed about ps1 games. Please get back to me.


yup front mission 3 is the US version
bust a groove is the jp version and Ill sell it for 15$

how much for both shipped? And are they complete?