Classic Controller Pro


Released in Japan today, does anyone know if they will work on North American Wiis?


i seriously doubt its region locked in any way. i dont even know if there actually has been a region protected controller, ever.


Is that an add on or whole controller? It would have been cheaper to just make it an add on if it is a whole controller. Maybe a reason to use the holes on the CC.


It’s a different controller. In addition to the grips there are four triggers instead of two (think PlayStation).


Kyle, I think you’re mistaken; the Classic Controller always had 4 triggers. It’s just that Z1 and Z2 were located in a SERIOUSLY weird place. Did they relocate those buttons or something? Either way, that’s sexy! I can’t wait for this to release. I’m definitely picking one up for myself!


Probably so. I was restating what was in the Engadget post. I don’t personally own a Wii. The four trigger buttons are now very PlayStation like:


If the new black colored controllers don’t see a US release soon, I’ll be importing them before Christmas. Love the grips, the current classic controller slips out of my hands sometimes.

Black Wii Mote/Nunchuk + Resident Evil Shot Blaster = Uber fun with Darkside Chronicles!

(I only have two white mote/nunchuk pairs atm anyway, and the black would look better in the Shot Blaster!)


Christ, why doesnt nintendo just make a wii version of the gamecube controller? or make one that is basically a GC controller + wiimote, where it has a sensor at the top and you can point and click with a GC controller? it seems like such a pain to have to hook up more stuff to a controller.


I hate the GC controller more than any other one I own - right after the N64 controller, of course.


GC controller is perfect for SSBM though =/


Gamecube controller will always be my MAIN for smash.
Other than that, I’d rather keep the classic controller style. I love the snes pad.


Oh, well I never played a Smash game.


My brother bought a classic controller the other day second hand. Works great for WiiWare and normal Wii titles but I was a bit dissapointed when I couldnt play any of my old gamecube games with it, especially considering I no longer own a game cube or game cube controller. If this one does the same I really cant see the point in it at all. It has grips and buttons re-aligned on the shoulders.

Nintendo seems to be going peripheral mad. Its bad enough you need 3 controllers to use the Wii properly.


^ If you want a GC controller to match the color of the Wii, Nintendo released a white colored GC controller in Japan!

Nintendo has always been that way with add-ons.

At least with the Wii, it’s practical. The different controllers give you unique play experiences and are supported by most software titles. The Balance Board is the only peripheral that is severely limited in which games can make use of it.


Oh I agree, its certainly nice being able to play games such as Mario Kart and the like on the different controllers. It also saves us buying another Wii Remote + Nunchuck for when friends come round (although obviously the classic controller connects to Wiimote. We do have 2 though, and I for one prefer that to a normal Wii controller). I still fail to see the point in this Classic Controller Pro, but then again a lot of people have been brought up on the Dual Shock style controllers and a lot prefer it. They look nice in black.

I spotted that GC controller as well, just wondering how much it’ll be and where to import it from. Cant remember when I qualify for paying import tax and not, its a pain getting most things outside of the EU.


Microsoft region lock all their wireless controllers.


Microsoft is the exception to that rule.


The European Super Nintendo had some kind of lock.


^ Other than Shenmue II on Dreamcast, Europe gets shafted way harder than we do in the US.