Classic Controller to GC or PS2?


I wonder if there’s a better adapter than the Classic Linker Plus, which has very spotty compatibility. Is there a project out there that lets you convert the Wii Classic Controller signals into those that the GC can recognize?
I’ve seen on the net that a single attiny2313 can be used as an adapter for the Saturn/SNES to PS1 and can something similar be done for this?


There’s the Wii Retro-controller Adapter 2 that is an open source project. Lets you hook up various controller types to the wii mote and makes them act like a classic controller.

I’ve built some small enough that fit inside a wii motion plus adapter shell to make a gamecube to wiimote adapter.


No, I want a Wii Classic Controller to other systems. They are newer and are about the same as an SNES controller in terms of quality, and I won’t have to worry about breaking 20 year old controllers.


There are no Wii CC to other system converters.


Open one and gut it out with a connection to a project box that contains an MC Cthulhu.
That’s probably your best (and only) choice.


With the CC pro, bet ya the mc could be cut down to size and fit in the handle.


You’re right, you probably could.
I was originally thinking of doing something similar with a bootleg CC Pro that I got off of eBay for like $5, but the build/feel quality is pretty crappy overall that I’d have to re-think it…

Though my original plan was to use a Cerberus instead, since you could maintain the analog stick support.


but cerberus would only be for ps3/pc. I guess it would be ok if you wanted to play older games on emu then.


Yeah, that was pretty much my goal at that point in time. That idea’s kinda been shelved for the time being, though…


I was thinking more along the lines of getting a Wiichuck adapter, hooking the wires to a pcb with microcontroller that converts the signal to whatever you want. Heck, it would be nice to even get something like an FGwidget.

There are already numerous projects out there that do the same thing as the USB adapter, and I’m kinda surprised no one has bothered with this, especially when people have done stranger things with the Wii Remote.