Classic Game Sale - PS1, PS2, DC + DS / GBA Imports

Hi All. Just cleaning house a bit and selling some classic games I’ve found around my place. All titles are in Used - but very good - condition.

Here’s the album for photos -

Xenogears $27 Shipped
Tomb Raider $13 Shipped
[S]Castlevania SOTN $25 shipped[/S] sold
Metal Gear Solid $18 Shipped
Chrono Cross (Greatest Hits) $15 Shipped

MVC 1 $20 Shipped
[S]Cannon Spike $25 Shipped[/S]
Phantasy Star Online ( Definitely just for collecting =P ) $10 Shipped

[S]Lumines Plus $10 Shipped[/S]

(Import) Osu, Tatakae, Ouendan! $33 shipped, plays fine on US devices
Castlevania, Portrait of Ruin $10 shipped

All $10 shipped alone, $5 if purchased with something else.
Metroid Prime Hunters
[S]Mariokart DS[/S]
Elite Beat Agents
Trauma Center, Under the Knife
[S]WarioWare Touched[/S] sold

(Import) Rhythm Tengoku, $32 shipped, plays fine on US devices


PM Sent…

PM’s replied to, updated sold items.

Bump + price drop

hmmmmmmmm xenogears, tempting.

Shipped what you sold already?

Don’t hesitate. Buy it. Longest RPG ever. It’s like spending $27 on 100 hours of your entertainment…

Everything that has been crossed out of the original post has been shipped.

Just going to say two things:

  1. Thank you for not being an idiot and putting the loose DS game in the envelope. I had somebody do that once, and I opened it up in the street, and the cartridge fell in the sewer. I opened it up in my kitchen this time, but I appreciate you not being a total jackass.
  2. For any potential customers: I bought this stuff from him on Thursday. It is Saturday, and it was shipped from California. This dude is a great seller.