Classic Linker +

Does anyone have this?

It’s got mixed reviews on play asia, but I can’t decide if that’s because it sucks, or people are too stupid to use it correctly. Can anyone recommend it?

I would like to know too,i want to know if my ps2 sf anniversary stick will work without lag on the gc/wii?

Yeah, it definitely doesn’t support PS3 controllers.

yeah i would like to know too. i have 2 hori tekken 5 sticks i wanna use with tatsunoko. im not about to drop alot of money on wii sticks. lol.

Hey guys, here’s a link, but before you click it keep in mind that I’m not a professional player, so I don’t know how to test for lag (I have been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2 though). But everything worked good for me. :shy:

Thanks, i’ll post my impressions when mine gets here.

Well since no body reported back as to if this adapter works, here is my experience with it.

I just got my “EMS Classic Linker Plus” this week. I used it to play Capcom vs. SNK 2 on the Wii using a gamecube disc. Works O.K. with the Wii Classic Controller Pro. Does not work with the Madcatz Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom Arcade Fightstick. Which is the main reason I bought this adapter. I e-mailed EMS and they said they only tested it on the Fight Stick Wii by Hori, and the Wii NeoGeo Stick 2. So when they claim it works with a Wii Joystick these are the ones that they know to work with their adapter. They also said it should work with officially licensed Nintendo Wii joysticks. The only other officially licensed Nintendo Wii joysticks I know of are the Wii Exarstick by Exar and the Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom Stick also by Exar.
They have not tested the Exar sticks. I wonder what the difference is between the Madcatz Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom Arcade Fightstick and the officially licensed Nintendo Wii sticks out there.

The “EMS Classic Linker Plus” also can convert the PS/PS2 plug to a Gamecube/Wii plug which I will test with my Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick that I expect to arrive this week. Will update you guys when I test it again.

this does not work well with the hori wii FS. certain games like ikaruga are unplayable as it only registers up down irc.

O.K. as promised I tested the EMS Classic Linker Plus with my recently acquired original Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick by Nubytech unmodded. This stick came with both a PS2 and Xbox split dual connectors. This stick was known to have it’s own issues with PS2 to PS3 connectors due to it coming with different PCB boards that I won’t go into since this is a PS2 to GC/Wii connector post. For reference my SF15A stick has the 3.5V PCB board. To learn more about these sticks you can read up at or to mod these

O.K. now to the tests, PS2 to GC/Wii works perfectly while playing Capcom vs. SNK 2, all you have to do is reassign the buttons using the in game “controller options” take your time it helps to use the button conversion chart that came with the adapter. Works perfectly on Taksunoku vs. Capcom UAS as long as you reassign the buttons using the “controller options”. Kind of works with Super SF2 virtual console on the Wii, problem was that you can not reassign all buttons in a continous 3 on top 3 on bottom format, not the fault of the stick or adapter but of the in game controller options lack of reassignment options.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying this adapter.