Classy music for elegant play



Tally ho! I’m a budding Dudley player having great problems learning the finer points of him (generally new to SFIV overall). However, while I practice online I always need playlists to make sure that I keep my cool when I lose a game I otherwise felt I ought to have won.

So what are your suggestions for the playlist of a Gentleman? Here, I shall contribute the first example to set the mood for brilliant games! Remember good Sirs, only CLASSY music! No technobabble or rockscreech!

Yello - Part love



Hold your tongue, gutter trash lookin’…

Anything but LemonJelly radio on Pandora isn’t worth the Rose Salesman’s time.


I must say I’m rather disappointed! Not a single playlist but LemonJelly? By jove! It looks like I will have to contribute another track for classy play!



I’m a big fan of anything by Nujabes.


Step 1:
Step 2: Search any of these: Gramatik/Nujabes/Quantic/RJD2 (These are my preferred lists)
Step 3: Enjoy! WIN!

You might need to sign-up on the website I think, but it literally takes like 2 mins haha! Some of these songs are just TOO sick! You will find some slick beats, horns, and instrumentals on these stations. It’s not too upbeat, but not too slow. You will run into some really nice songs that sound classy, relaxing, and smooth! If you don’t like the song, hit NEXT and you are good :smiley: ENJOY


to become relaxed



Is this thread srs?


Anything by the Tokyo Active Neets, Igcongnito, Skullgirls OST, Arthur Verocai is the classiest.


IDGAF. My Dudley aint no gentleman

FUN FACT: I have yet to lose while this song is playing 8)

I like Chevelle btw, if ya havent noticed



Do you remember “ah” when we…


I must say! Rockscreech and voicecracking, in my Dudley classy music thread!? Outrageous! It’s not music fit to have a good ol’ fisticuffs to! Thank goodness DickChang and Donald Duck demonstrates the demanded delicacy of assorted music deemed worthy of dishing out devastatingly damaging deathblows to, I dare say!

Also maybe Drooz and SpaceOutNightmare but they were not elegant enough to link it into the thread!


I lost it


You really just lost your sh!t lolol


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BEST song I have for playing Dudley…

Nay, my Dudley theme song… is…
El Toro by Bonobo

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This last one is not really Classy but it is a Classic. One of my faves from a video games



what did i just walk into?


For those long bus rides home at night [media=youtube]iRWNG2Z8KbM[/media]





lol you guys really listen to this while Dudleying?