Classy Silk-Screening


Wasn’t sure where to put this so hopefully this is the right spot. Original size in link below image. Enjoy :wink:

>>>Original Size<<<


OMFG DO WANT! seriously id pay for one of these in blue or green


If there is enough demand for these, I could print up a small run of them


if 20 or under, count me in!

sweet and definitely classy


Well like I said, IF there was enough demand (like maybe 10 people) I would sell them for $20 flat. That would include shipping and everything. So basically the shirt would cost $15 and the shipping to anywhere in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) would cost $5 USD. I think that’s reasonable


I definitely want to purchase this dignified shirt! Could I purchase two? But if it’s one per, that’s totally cool. If you decide to sell, please let me know and I’ll pay right away through PayPal or which ever means you prefer. Beautiful work!


isn’t that image of dudley from 3rd strike? i might want one too so i’ll check in later to see if this is actually going to happen.


You might be right on it being the 3rd strike dudley. I honestly don’t know. Either way, glad to see people are interested.

And btw, it’s totally cool if you want more than one in a different color/size, I just need to fill a 10-shirt order for it to be worth my while :slight_smile:

Edit: The transactions, if we get a few more people into it, will all be done through paypal. Just an early headsup. Stay classy!


That Dudley image is indeed from Third Strike. And I’ll definitely get two, both Medium and both the same color as the original up above, which on my screen looks like a tan with black ink.

Thanks, XeroxHands, for this high class service! I’ll keep checking this thread to find out if you get enough orders.


Just so we’re clear on the sample image- If you closely, you can see my wifebeater through the shirt; this is because that particular shirt was printed on natural cloth which is actually recycled (green friendly) material. I have access to similar material that is “sand” colored and not nearly as transparent as this stuff, in case you’re wondering.

It’s a single color print so any color/combination is possible really. But I’ll sort through that stuff via PM once we hit that magic 10 number :wink:

Edit: And yes BlueFlight; the sample is indeed a light tan with black ink :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thanks, XeroxHands!


Must have… where do I send my moniez?


Everyone please hold on to your moniez for the time being :slight_smile:


I’m so in for this.


Alright, just need a few more commitments and this is a done deal folks :party:


Unless you have permission from Capcom to use their art you are not allowed to sell that.


someone didn’t recognize who that was?!