Claw Frame Data (Updated: Vega Wiki)



I’m updating all the move names in the Wiki for claw.


Also, make sure you fix the Bloody High Claw and FBS to Kick instead of Punch.


Oh yeah, i’ll do that. Sorry, was sleep deprived. :V


Sweet, thanks dude. My japanese sucks(I don’t know any). There was alot of stuff with vega I couldn’t translate. Like…what’s that extra walldive stuff they list?

It would be a big help if you could help with the other character’s too :wgrin:

EDIT: yeah, this frame data is my doing


I’ll try to get to it when I can, I’m feeling kinda under the weather though from something I probably ate.

and I swear charge partitioning in this game drives me batshit


There is no charge partitioning in SF4


^^ There’s charge storing tho?


Hey, you have a cab, so I can’t help but believe you…but what’s up with all the Japanese people doing dashup ultra?


That’s not called charge partitioning, they already have the charge stored when they dash.


So how do you do it?

charge back…forward forward, command for charge attack?



Weird stuff.

Oh well. I need to practice FA -> backdash -> Ultra more. Also, I’ve updated the Boxer wiki’s moves, and the Claw wiki’s charge times. (All charge moves denote the length of time required for charging. You’ll be surprised at some of them.)


How many frames per second does SF4 run at?


I was under the impression it runs at 60fps, videos make it seem slower tho.


If it’s 60, then a little bit under a second for the wall dives and super/ultra.

The reason I ask, is because I’m trying to see if I can cancel the jab rolling attack into super, because jab version is the only one that combos. Just looking to see how much extra time I would get with a hit stun to try to grab a grounded opponent, not mashing shoryuken.


Rolling Crystal Flash is almost a second, all Wall attacks are about 3/4ths of a second.


When talking about the time to charge use 30fps, even though the game runs at 60fps. So like Guile’s charge time for example is 55frames. This means it takes Guile a little less than 2 seconds to charge.

Can you put that charge time stuff in the Comments section on the wiki instead of the Moves Name. That’s where they list that stuff in the mook.


No wonder it’s harder to combo the rolls. Good stuff.


So from what I can gather, does this mean MP and HP rolling crystal flash is something Vega should absolutely never do?


sucks that all of vega’s links are one frame:bluu:

-standing hp into c.lp/ into c.lp/

does c.lp combo into another c.lp without counter hit?

i’m surprised that his comes out pretty slow now. no wonder i’m having more trouble comboing his from a jump in compared to the old games hes in. i guess i’ll be comboing into his from a jump in instead of his