Claw method vs slide method

i have been testing these two for a little while and here is what i came up with

the claw method is very good on the japanese arcade stick. the button layout on the japanese arcade stick is made so that your middle and index are even on the board. the ifrst 2 buttons are slightly lower than the rest so you dont accidentallly hit the hp before the lp while trying to dash like you do on the american sticks

the claw method is crap on the american sticks. mainly because the american button layout is crappy. it looks like someone didnt take into account that a human beings fingers are different lengths. if you do the claw method on the american stick you can EASILY hit hp before the lp (because the middle is longer than index) causing you to mess up any move that requires the pp input

can anyone tell me if im wrong? if the claw method is easy to use on the american stick can someone give me advice on how to do it? i dlded a video of a guys hand doing rom using the claw method on a american stick but i still hit hp first

thx alot

I use claw method on both Jap and American layouts when doing ROM. I can’t really help you do it on American sticks because it’s been such a long time since I’ve had that problem (if I’ve ever had one). The only thing I can suggest is more practice.

You don’t have to practice during games, either. Just drum your index and middle fingers together on a table, followed by your thumb. You’ll know when you can do it and when you can’t.

claw method is for white people who have normal sized hands

asians can’t physically do the claw because their hands are too small, black peoples hands are too big

what the fuck are you getting at, asians can’t physically do the claw? i can fucking physically do BOTH claw and slide, and im Singaporean so is that considered a miracle?

Heeeeyyyy…I’m black, and I can claw…and slide…Please tell me that you are joking.

But I guess it is all about preference I guess. Of course most people would rom using the claw, but some like to slide on some stuff too. Like I rather slide on Storm’s launch, sj. hp xx ad. df, ad. lk, ad. lk reset that I do from time to time. It just feels more comfortable to me.

And I also claw and slide normally on American, or Jap sticks. So that isn’t an issue either.

Seriously, what are you getting at? I’m a Korean and i can do the claw no problem. and so can my black friends. On the difference b’tween the jap and american stick isn’t much, but i prefer claw much over slide.

jesus, it was a penis joke…

did no one get that? my claw is good when i play consistently -_-

The hell does that have to do with claw?

Got a link to that vid? I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

i cant make vids. or else id make one to show you so you can tell me what im doing wrong. :frowning:

You’re not pushing the buttons at the same time. That’s all there is to it.

PUSH ALL THREE BUTTONS AT THE SAMETIME, BRO LITERALLY ALL 3, your thumb on LK, your pointing finger on LP, your middle finger on HP

HMC slides

So you push the buttons at the same time?

nah you press it like ur RCing, jab+fierce~short.

I can claw on jap and american sticks but I sometimes have the same problem as ragingdemon when i claw on american sticks i hit Fierce first a lot of the time. I can slide for shit on american buttons. It hurts after a while cuz of those things around the buttons lol. If I wore a glove tho I could do it better.

Yeah thats what I thought.