Claw sparring partner

I am looking for a claw to get some mirrors with. I would prefer it if you are good, but it is not required. Contact palmerfan on PSN or PM me. Thanks.

(PS- I’m in NJ.)

I’d be happy to play some mirrors with you. If you dont mind, where are you located (strictly for connections sake)?

Squeeze do you play outside of online?

Full time job, wife, and new born keep me form going to any arcades, and nobody I know plays fighters. I’m kind of stuck playing online.

Nice, just asking . I know two spots for casuals if you’re interested. But you’ve got your hands full haha

Congrats on the little one man.

Hey Jaiyiorck, I’d be interested to know where these casuals happen…if they are close, I might be able to sneek out for a bit. you pm me if these are secret locations :slight_smile:

Hey Palmer, I usually host endless lobbies on Tuesday through Thursday nights with awesome claw mainers. Your more than welcome to join bro, I’ll make some room for u bud.

Second this. It’s usually a little late when we start, but it’s loads of fun, and awesome practice. Feel free to join in. :smiley:

Cool, invite me next time you have one.

i might hop in there if i can, around what time do you guys play?

We host our 8-man, invite-only lobbies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. We set up chat so everyone in the lobby can talk while they wait to play. The time they start can be inconsistent. Usually, they start from around 10 pm EST and last until everyone is too tired to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

10 o’ clock isn’t any good for me, I need to wake up really early :(, so don’t invite me.

I’d love to participate if there’s room for any more.

What time ru usually on, as Soda said the times vary. Some of us may or may not be on earlier but I’m sure if Soda or myself are on we’ll shoot u an invite.

I’ll send you a friend invite. :slight_smile:

Squeezelbum is a SCRUB!

sounds good. I should be home by then. if you dont mind sending me an invite as well?

I’m usually on at random times, most likely 1-9 eastern time.

Thanks Dirty…now everybody knows.

me too i can use the practice. add me on psn