Claw's dial-a-combo useful?

I don’t have frame data, etc, but one of claw’s instant combos starts with a flip kick. I noticed that you don’t need to have any charge to use it, so you can walk up flip kick for one meter – does anyone want to test if this would be an effective anti-air? From what I’ve seen, if the full combo doesn’t land, you’ll finish before they recover.

I realize everyone is hating on the instant combos, but there isn’t a reason to not use something if it turns out to be useful just because you think it’s dumb.

I don’t know if I would want to burn a meter just to anti-air. Maybe for the kill, but meter is very valuable imo.

what’s the frames on light.scarlet terror? was 7 frames on startup before. still, his insta combo can actually be useful for anti-air.
also vega is more of a battery character now IMO. from what I tested, he doesn’t need to end any of his combos to ex barcelona.

No it doesn’t work as an anti-air, good idea but the ST just gets stuffed by 95% of the jump ins clean. The other problem is the only way you can even get close to getting the scarlet terror to land is doing it super early and the timing for the dial-a-combo causes the rest to whiff in that case (the > hk st).