Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and Sculptor's Cut

I’ve been playing both of these games as of late, and I was just wondering if anyone else who had an N64 did as well. I dunno how good these games are competitively, but I sure do love the shit outta 'em. Who else could dig on these games?
Also, any thoughts on Tier listings for 1 or both of these games? They’re pretty different, so I’d imagine the tiers would be as well.

Ickybod Claw, Taffy, Blob and Dr. Kiln are the best in the game.
Earthworm Jim is an honorable mention.

Ickibod and Srgt. Rabbit are my people in clayfighters… although i miss lockjaw just like i miss riptor…

This is an N64 game? I gotta get me this.

Am I mistaken, or wasn’t Earthworm Jim only available in the sculptors cut? And wasn’t that a blockbuster exclusive? I’ve always wondered how folk ended up with copies of that if it was only ever meant to be rented…

nah… Earthworm jim was in the standard version iirc… the ‘sculptor’s cut’ had uh… the mad scientist boss guy, the totem pole guys, and the evil santa claus guy… man… what was that karate guy’s name… i still remember how to do his claytality…

sculptors cut is a joke. It was unfinished and had a lot of glitches in it.

I played this yeaaaaars ago.