Clayfighter 63 1/3/directors cut/any cf

So what do you guys think of the hillariousness of 63 1/3? I know the game wasn’t meant to be serious, but man I love 63 1/3 the best in some ways because of one character. Boogerman, seriously that dude had some wacky ass lines in that game. Lines like this…

(picks nose)-Taste it!
Smell this action!

and I know there’s more. But that boogerman, what a riot. Although sumo santa was definitely for the win as well. Discuss the goofiness that is clayfighters. Also one thing I remember that was total bs with the cpu. If you played against the cpu’s bonkers in te, they would do stupid shit like throw a low pie, high pie, then cart wheel. Or high pie, low, high uppercut or some stupid crap that no one could ever do. I always thought that was pretty funny! :rofl:


I think Clayfighter needs to be brought back. So much can be done with it now. The stop motion stuff would look so much cooler with current technology.

Little girlie comboooo


Triple brown betty combo!

is that the one with the fucking baby?

Diaper uppercut, indeed.