Clayfighter...oh god

What the hell happened? I hope I’m not alone in this: I used to play the clayfighters (1 & 2, none of that 3d garbage) when I was little and loved the hell out of it. I tried to play it the other day and kinda wanted to die.

P.S.- WTF @ Claymates.

Im guessing because it was designed for kids/young teens entertainment, not grown ups. The characters and themes are just too goofy and weird and its not as fun as it was years ago.

I played the hell out of it when I was in 5th or 6th grade and had fun. Only reason why I’d ever want to play it again is to beat the shit out of N. Boss, but other then that, I’d rather move on to something else.

CF was Interplay’s answer to the fighting boom caused by SF and MK.

I liked it as a kid but back then, I played SFII like it was Bloody Roar. I’m glad I’ve matured beyond that point…

Oh, and Helga’s armpit attack > all.

Santa’s fatality in 63 1/3 is one of the greatest moments in all gaming.

SBO finals



Both of them spammed the same move every single round. :rofl:

I know CF1 Bad Mr Frosty and Blob were top. Bad Mr Frosty could fly over the whole screen with snow ball, and you couldnt really touch him when he kept doing that. Blob was top just cause his pokes and other stuff like his saw move. C2 not sure about the tiers but I know they bad Frosty even better with his bread and butter combo.

Earthworm Jim and Kung pow where god tier in 63 1/3

boogerman was difficult to use but FLAMING FART was funny.DR. Kiln owned as well

the game was raped by horrible graphics but it was still fun…I guess you have to be a kid to fully enjoy it cause I tried playing it recently and wanted to cry

Omg, thank you. That was amazing. Although I feel bad for that Ashley kid; not because he lost, but because he’s a boy with the name “Ashley.” And what the hell was up with that “Clayfighter! Go Clayfighter!” song?

Speaking of C2, was there any way to play as Lucy, the last boss?

Oh my god! That’s some pathetic fighting action there. It’s hilarious that only after like the 900th jump attack did Ashley realize he could use the uppercut. He should have called bad games on the Sean for lag abuse, and n00b tactics.

After watching this I went into a fetal position and had demented flashbacks of 63 1/3, I have to admit that taffy guy kicked ass. This can’t be as bad ass MK Special Forces, that was the worst game I had ever played.


So this is what high level clay is like…:rofl:

The last boss in C2 was just a clone of yourself. I think you can use Game Genie to play as the bosses. I like CF1 just cause Bad Mr. Frost plays like run away storm and turtle Sent mixed into one character.

Violet Berlin looks like someone Ellen DeGeneres would date. I bet she likes her tuna blackened.

That was a great video. High quality action going on there. The play by play was spot on.

that boot stomp be some imba shit fo sho.

I love how the “DANGER” thing went off above Ickybod when he had a good 4-5 hits worth of life left.


Shitty seizure-causing Sega 32X background, a female Brit who won’t shaddap, a blackie who looks like he’s gonna choke a bitch, a boy named Ashley, ClayFighter, rotating shit, n00b move spammage, and a big-ass brain…



You’re all just jealous that you haven’t honed your clayfighter skills like these guys. THIS IS DAIGO VS. KO OF THE CLAYFIGHTER COMMUNITY. You just can’t appreciate the depth of the engine, because you’re so used to your flashy effects and focus on gameplay. Don’t worry, when the next clayfighter comes out in HD, I’ll be laughing my way to the top of the tournament standings with the two kids from the clip.

I’m hitting gamefaqs right now so I can plunge into this series head-first. I’m tired of always using different attacks and strategies. I just want one effective attack and one effective strategy. Wait. Screw that! I want a game completely devoid of strategy.