Cleanest (and preferably cheapest) way to get a stick that works on multiple consoles

I’ve got the following sticks:

SF4 TE stick (x360)
SF4 SE stick /w Sanwa parts (PS3)

I would like to just use one stick to play on the following consoles:

X360 (would be a great bonus, but optional)

What would be the easiest way with least amount of headache to do this?

MC Cuthulu? Is there a stick that natively supports PS3/PS2 that I can easily mod to work with the X360? Any recommendations for a stick that works on PS3/PS2?

Thanks for the help guys.

Starting out with Xbox 360 TE.
Then add Multi-Console Cthulhu.

The Mayflash is Arcade Stick that does PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2.
But you have to get the one before 2009, because it is Common Ground.
You need it be Common Ground so that you can do Dual Mod for Xbox 360.

Thank you very much for your advice. Now to figure out how to get the MC cthulhu to work on a PS2… grumblegrumble*

Just solder on seven wires.

Or RJ45 mod that sucker, slightly more work. However, you get the added bonus of detatchable cables and easy addition of other consoles the MC Cthulhu supports if you’d like that as a future option.

:u: This. Comes out super clean and professional.

Hmm, so if I have a PS3 TE, would I just need an MC Cthulhu to get it to work on PS2? Is it a particularly complicated process?

I’m also going through this process (minus the Xbox support) and it’s not too terribly complicated. SRK has a abundance of helpful people who are more then willing to help you out.

Good luck to you on your stick!


At least the thread starter is beginning with large-enough cases.

Some of the older joystick cases have marginal room — even for replacement PCB’s as small as the MC Cthulu let alone putting in an XBox 360 PCB!

I wouldn’t recommend trying to put an MC Cthulu in a Hori Fighting Stick case or Namco case myself. Those are very marginal. I only tried to prep a legacy case for the MC Cthulu AFTER I’d done at least a half-dozen mods before that and got used to my cutting and filing tools.

I gave myself the task of prepping an Agetec case for MC, myself. There was a LOT of plastic cutting involved there and quite a bit of it had to be shaved and filed down by hand because of the space restrictions. You just can’t use power tools (Dremels with cutters and sanding barrels) for 80%+ of that work. It was a huge job making room for the LS-32-01 in that stick.

As for what I’m doing with a Round 1 TE PS3 case, that’s a different story… Huge amount of room to work with once you take the case completely apart. (It’s easier to do than most people make it out to be… Just be sure to keep all the screws in Zip Loc bags so that you don’t lose them!) After you remove the original Mad Catz PCB’s and see what you have to work with, I don’t see that there’s much you COULDN’T fit inside that case!

Not difficult at all, I’ve done this mod. You posted earlier you wanted to get rid of the Turbo panel from the face of your stick.

The MC Cthulhu would make that easier, since you can use the Start + Select = PS Button/Home function, and not have to rewire another button function.

In fact, the only thing you’d HAVE to solder would be the console cables to the MC Cthulhu (or RJ45 if you preferred) since you could just cut the ribbon cables going to the stock PS3 TE, strip and stick them into the appropriate screw terminals on the MC Cthulhu.

Dude, you’ve been firing off advice. Thanks a lot. When I evetually get my artwork printed I’m going to go all out and get the Cthulhu installed too. If I’ve got any tech questions regarding setting it up could I hit you with a PM?

No problem, jdm must’ve been asleep or something!

Sure you can PM me if you want, but these two threads already answer like 99.99% of any issues you may run into.

I’m awake.
I already helped someone with same question.
It is in a Thread somewhere some weeks ago here.

It is super easy to do.
Just replace the Mad Catz PCB with Multi-Console Cthulhu.

MC Cthulhu FTW. i installed mine on my 360 stick a week ago or so and love it. i made my RS the switch instead of start+select but love it