Cleaning a stick

What solvent do you use to clean your Arcade Stick? I tried Windex and plain water (damp towel) and neither did the job efficiently. I find the stick to be a little sticky afterward.

I tried both method on my TE and on HRAP3 but didn’t get my desired result. So what do you guys suggest?

Every once in a while I clean the ball top, buttons and face of the stick with some alcohol swabs followed by a slightly damp paper towel, then a dry one.

Pretty much the same. I use something like sanitation wipes then follow with a dry paper towel.

I use the same solution to clean virtually everything (LCD’s, keyboard, mice, joysticks, controllers, eyeglasses, etc.). It’s a simple mixture of 50% water and 50% isopropyl alcohol (90% on the bottle). I bought a spray bottle at Wal-Mart/Target for $1. Then you have one of the cheapest and most effective cleaning solutions that you’ve ever used. It cleans virtually everything so that it’s spotless.

I just use a small lint free bath towel to clean the buttons/joystick/panel of the stick. no water or windex. I wipe it down heavy till its all clean and spotless, pretty much like some wax on wax off shit.

For buttons and ball top I just use rubbing alcohol on some cotton swabs and go to town.

I use “Mr Sheen”…it shines umpteen things clean :slight_smile:

It really depends on what your stick is made up. I wouldn’t use windex on a wooden stick with polyurethane but wood cleaner.

i use Monster Flatscreen cleaner which works very well btw and the microfiber cloth that came with the Monster Flatscreen Cleaner

I use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

Question though: Is there any way to clean/prevent the plexi or laminate art under the dust washer from becoming discolored? I think it’s a combination of oil and the dust washer rubbing on it that blurs laminated art and makes plexi turn from clear to an opaque white.

Obviously you could wash your hands religiously (I only ever play with clean hands, but over the course of a play session your hands will get a bit oily) and maybe talc your hands. But That seems a bit overkill. Is there anything simple that one can do to prevent you from ruining your stick around the dust cover?

i just get the duster out and dust my stick since it collects dust and too pretty to use.

my other stick is raw and u can see how used and abused it is so i don’t bother cleaning it and just use gloves when i use it