Cleaning an LCD assembly?

My PSP decided one night to take up a nasty coke habit. Namely, half a can of generic Riot brand cola.

Somehow, luckily, the logic board on it is fine(which is amazing because it’s running 6.20 OFW) and so is the battery and most of the other electronic components. However, there’s now a brown stain on the top right of my LCD panel itself. I’ve removed the front panel and the blob isn’t on the front panel, it’s on the screen assembly itself. Any tips on cleaning it or am i going to have to replace the whole shebang because my PSP took up a drinking habit?

(I guess I should be glad it didn’t take up smoking.)

Kinda difficult. If the cola is on the most rear layer of the LCD, maybe, perhaps in between the screen and the font piece of plastic; but if the cola got in between any of the other layers, the cola is here to stay.
As LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Digits, that is right liquid. Trying to clean up the cola can and remove the liquid crystals inside thus destroying your screen.

If you are up to the task you can replace the screen.

Replacing the display is going to be easy, just pull the connectors off, plug the new connectors on, and off I go.

That’s also costs money i don’t have.

I’d think distilled water and lint free cloth (try at your own risk), but touching the guts of the LCD is risky.

If your PSP is a 1000, you can buy a screen off dealextreme for around 25$ and if its a 2000, you can get a screen for 40$. Hopefully I gave you a cheaper option for a replacement screen if you need one.