Cleaning Sale (PSP, Seimitsu, LS40, buttons, MVS, FS3, GGXX ETC, More Coming)


Cleaning out the spare game room due to moving out soon and will be posting stuff i dont need anymore. Since im posting as I find the stuff I have not looked into shipping prices. I will ship the cheapest method possible unless you prefer another way, we can work that out. All price are OBO
Im located in Houston, Tx.
If interested please leave a message here and pm me for shipping prices



Only things im really interested in besides money is Brook ps3/ps4 board, brook universal board, other mvs carts, Seimitsu buttons


LS32 mounting plates
Left over plates
$7.50 shipped each

Seimitsu ls40-01
Had for a year but hardly used it as it was on my second backup stick. I’m more of a ls38/32 kinda guy
Can come with either green or black ball top

Seimitsu ps14 buttons
These are the clear kn bodies with the white g plungers. Also was on my third back up stick
$18 shipped

Hori Kuro Buttons
(8) 30mm and (1) 24mm
Lightly used hori buttons, used about 2 weeks before i threw in my preferred seimitsu KN buttons.

Hori FS3 Stick
Used hori ps3 stick, acouple of the buttons are starting to stick.Great little stick for travel, backup and modding. No other issues with this stick

Lot of Hori T5 buttons/sticks
Left overs from T5 mods

Silver 2001 PSP w/Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus
Good condition psp, used this awhile back to play roms. Come with guilty gear game and charger. Minor issues one of the “fins” that hold the umd in place needs to be replaced. It plays games fine but if you move around too much it will freeze. Also there are acouple spots on the screen. You can see it on the green screen pic. Besides those two issues works fine and has good battery life.

Guilty Gear Midnight Carnival Poster
Had this laying around forever and seems someone set a cold beer or something on it. Good condition besides the smudge spot on the second pic. Not sure if anyone would be interested in it.

Neo Geo MVS carts
Still have these extras laying around. Original boards and work 100%
$30 shipped each
kof 94
kof 96
world heroes 2 jet

WTB: Seimitsu Buttons





Replied to all pms


Added seimitsu buttons and stick


everything that was bought has been shipped out and tracking #'s sent out