Cleaning up sale. (fightsticks , marvel stuff + more)


Need to clear up some space and reduce my collection. Starting to get crowded.

Everything has been used and been taken care of unless stated.

–> Prices are in CAD and DO NOT include shipping or PP fee.
Please message me for a quote. I’m located in Toronto Canada.

Fight sticks

RARE Madcatz Chun li tournament edition fight stick 1805/2000 xbox 360
-Dual modded by Te kitty + Te-s harness (auto detect)
-Remora Led controller board (has preset patterns and multi color led capability)
-Purplearms Arc eyes 3 (snap ons pcbs and multicolor capability)
-30mm/24mm sanwa clear buttons
-Clear bezel
-transparent blue ball top/shaft cover
-used as a spare stick (has a scratch)

$380 for the package Pending
$300 (with out leds/controller/clear buttons)


Madcatz street fighter 4 round 2 tournament edition fight stick PS3 - $140 SOLD

Mortal Kombat tournament edition fight stick PS3
-Completely stock never modded.
-No box


Fight stick parts

madcatz key chain - $20 each (gold or blue) ($25 shipped in the USA)
VLX kitty dual mod (for xbox 360 vlx) - $40
Aluminum bat top - $25

Fighting games

Street Fighter x Tekken game from collectors edition open, played a couple times - $35
Aracana hearts 3 limited edition (uk import) PS3 open, played once - $40
Tatsunko vs Capcom Wii open played once - $20
Street Fighter 4 collectors edition (c.viper figure) xbox 360- $30

NYCC New Era Tokidoki vs Street 7 1/2 new w/ stickers - $150


Everything is 100% Authentic licensed by Marvel.

Clearing up some space and freeing up some cash sale.

Media / Books

-Avengers Best buy exclusive Illuminated 3D lenticular box set - $90
-Avengers Futureshop exclusive viva metal box - $60
-Avengers Steelbook (germany) - $65
-Avengers Steelbook (UK) - $65
-Avengers 3D blu ray w/ lenticular slip - $30 SOLD
-Iron Man Steelbook ( - $90
-Iron Man 2 Steelbook ( - $70 SOLD
-Captain America Steelbook (UK) - $80 SOLD
-Wolverine Steelbook ( - $55
-Wolverine Steelbook (germany mm exlcusive) - $75
-Ghost Rider Spirt with Vengeance Steelboook Futureshop - $45
-Sideshow exclusive $30 gift card coupon code (from best buy box set) -Hawkeye - $15


-Avengers: The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers (hardcover) - $60
-Arts of Marvel Studio (hardcover) Iron man, Iron man 2, Captain America and Thor (4 books set) - $170

  • SDCC exclusive 2012 Marvel Vs Capcom artbook (hardcover) - $150


-Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I (open/mint) needs batteries - $350
-Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II (open/mint) - $350
-Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III (open/mint) needs batteries - $350 SOLD
-Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV secret project 2011 Toy Fair exlusive - $400 SOLD
-Hot Toys Captain America - Rescue Version 2012 Toy Fair exclusive - $300

Marvel Crossover Transformers collection package deal.
Package includes

Captain America Humvee (blue/red)
Thor Plane (blue/red/yellow)
Hulk Tank (green)
Hulk Tank (grey)
Black Spider man race car (black)
Venom muscle car (black)
Wolverine suv (yellow/blue) x2
Wolverine suv (black/silver)
Spider man bike (blue/red)
Spider man bike (navy blue/red)
Black Spider man bike (black)
Iron man jet plane (red/grey)
Iron man jet plane (red/yellow)
Iron man Humvee (red/yellow)
Iron man sports car (red/yellow)
War Machine sports car (black/silver)
War Machine plane (black)
Human Torch plane (orange) not in pictures

Lot of 20 figures $400 (works out to $20 each below retail price) or $40 each

Funko bobble heads
Iron Man Mark VI
Iron Man Mark VI limited edition
War Machine

$15 each or $50 for all 4

Captain America vinyl bobble head - $10 or free if you spend over $100


New Era Avengers movie logo 7 3/8 - $45
New Era Tokidoki Captain America snap back - $80
New Era Human Torch 7 1/2 - $50 (made with fire retardant material)
New Era Mr. Fantastic 7 3/8 - $50 (made with stretchy material)

Reebok Marvel Red Skull pumps omni light shoes Size 11 - $180

Licensed Marvel T-shirts All size Large never worn. (e-mail for pictures)

Venom - $30 SOLD
Iron man suit - $30
Captain America suit - $30
Hulk keep calm don’t make me angry -$30
Avengers character logo - $30

Pictures are available upon request and will update with pictures shortly.

E-mail if your interested in anything.



That blue keychain is awesome. What’re those made of?


It’s made of plastic and has an allan key to open your TE sticks. No use for me since I play on a vlx


tokidoki hat is badass. i need to find out my dome size. maybe interested.


You can find sizing chart here.

I find the fit of tokidoki hats are a bit tighter then true size. I always get them in 7 1/2 but i’m a 7 3/8 for regular baseball caps.

There might be more for sale just need to organize everything. Here is a teaser shot of some hats that might be up for sale later.


I eant Thor! & hulk that ugly hat but I want it lol


bump updated with lots of marvel stuff.


WOW!! Holy crap at this stuff. Man, I wish I could buy it all! good luck with your amazing stuff for sale!!! :slight_smile:


No magnus hat?


bump. updated


Where did u get all that marvel stuff?


I collect a lot of marvel stuff… anything marvel especially collaborations or exclusive i’m a sucker for. I usually pre-order them from retailers if I know it’s going to be a hot item and sell out fast.