Cleaning/updating of matchup threads

The main matchup thread needs to be updated and the single matchup threads need to be stickied. I know one can do a simple search and find these things but its always nice to have things organized.

Personally i’d like to see SA_robs matchup threads stickied. I prefer the single threads for matchups because people can have a discussion on that single matchup whereas the matchup thread is just a giant mix of different matchup discussions.

I just wanna be clear that this is a suggestion, not a demand.

I agree. I like how the guy posted the matchup thread and insisted on keeping it but hasn’t updated it in a long time.

I think we should do a clean sweep. All old threads need to just die. It’s too hard trying to get to current information.

I’ll overhaul this forum next week. Stay tuned.

When we enter the Streetfighter 4 forum, it breaks down into character sub forums.
Is it possible to have the matchup thread break down into character sub forums in that same way?

That would really stream line the matchup thread, and at the same time not clutter the Abel main thread with matchup threads.

No need for the new matchup thread breaking down into sub foums(?), really. Just reference the Ryu forum for the “Condensed Ryu Matchup Thread”.

OP just lists matchups by char



C Viper

Etc, you get the idea.

Just have the basic strats and guideline per character. Of course, Zangief’s and Blanka’s would be the longest, but you get the picture.

Good man, HAV – I think it makes sense having one of the senior Abel players around here to take care of this – better insight into certain match ups would make these new threads actually WORTH reading. Can’t wait for this.

The reason why I say we should use sub forums is because people can discuss THAT particular matchup in that thread. When you got all the matchup info in one thread, discussing match ups becomes a mess. One person will ask about the Chun matchup but the next person will reply to a Bison matchup question a few posts earlier.

Take it from the top. Reserve 4 or five posts.
Talk to a mod about getting it stuck
Make sure who ever does it keeps up with it and looks good.

I’m on it guys. I’m on vacation right now, but when I get back I’ll take care of it. I’m pretty good friends with a mod, so if need be, I can go over his house and sticky the necessary shit myself :lol:

do it up hav!

To be honest, I’d like to see “vs. <random character>” threads instead of just digging for information half an hour to get some halfassed advice on how to play against a certain character (93 pages, meh).

That, or I’d like to see people stop moaning about the matchup thread every time someone asks for help. It takes you just as long to reply with a decent answer (if you know an answer, that is) as it takes you to be an asshat to everyone who makes a new matchup thread.

I’m not sure if everything needs to be cleaned. What I AM sure about, however, is that people seem to like pointing at a huge stockpile of random information saying “searchlol”.

I think its a good idea to get all the information organised and consolidated. Good luck HAV.

Also what would be nice would be to include a “What they say about Abel” blurb for each match up.
For example I grabbed this from the Blanka match up section on Abel:

Which is useful to see what the opposition is looking out for.

I might do that… except a lot of those threads have the same kinda problem we have. Old/shitty info. There isn’t necessarily any need to put in stuff like that, if it’s no good to begin with.

I’ll look it over though. Thanks for the suggestion.

cracks knuckles

HAV I think you should name the new matchup thread “Hey. This is kind of fun.” I think it’s suitable due to the general consensus of people that have played him :looney: I’m just put that one out there, if you don’t like it you can send it right back… Good Luck, Godspeed.