Cleanout Two Custom Sticks FS

Hey guys,

I’m piling up on sticks, running out of room to store 'em! Time to part with a few of my older beauties.

I made all of the following sticks, so ask me any questions that I don’t answer. All sticks come as is, have a square gate and have ALL Sanwa parts (jlf stick, snap in obsn buttons) with the exception of start/select. They are both slightly used sticks that have been cared for with much love :wgrin:

First up is the Bryan stick. ($130 Shipped) SOLD

Measures 10.5 x 8.5 x 3.25". Stained Sedona red. Official ps1 controller Pcb. Painted the rims of the buttons to match the artworks style. For a smaller, more portable stick, this is the way to go.

Next is my precious Yun stick. ($140 Shipped) SOLD

Jump fast on this one before I decide to keep it forever! Measures 14.25 x 8.25 x 2". This thing is slick and thin! The boarder of the artwork is the Geni-Jin combo for Yun against Shotos. Uses the same materials used to make the Bryan stick, just much different dimensions. Also uses an official ps1 controller Pcb.


Those are some nice sticks.

Like the Yun stick, sent a pm your way.

Yun stick is hotness.

Yun stick on hold for now.

Olli straight pimpin this thread with that Yun stick.

These are some quality sticks and you cannot beat those prices! :tup:


Damn that Yun stick is hot.

Both sticks on hold for now.

All sold

Good job,…Now Don’t have you stick?? (whist)

FUCK i wish i would have jumped on that yun stick. i would have bought that at first sight.

Good job selling your sticks. I hope their new owners take good care of them :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks for the props guys! and to the new owners: congratulations, I hope you enjoy your stick!

I’m mad jealous of the owner of that bryan stick. sooooooooo jealous.