Clear Button Artwork help

Hi folks
I’am just about to start my next arcade stick and this time plan on using SEIMITSU PS-14-KN clear buttons, and depending on what artwork i use i may just use the ps3 buttons artwork as seen below, but what my problem is i cannot seem to get the dimensions right, so i just wondered if theres any photoshop experts here that could help? just want to be able to print off the pictures below to the right size if anyone could just edit them for me ? really appreciate your help with this thanks


You should have a scanner. Open up the button take out the inner plunger and put it in the scanner. Scan the button in at 300 dpi. Now take the image of the button and copy it a bunch of times and take your button art and resize it to the proper size.

I tried scanner and 24mm and nothing seems to come out right always bigger, and just cutting them to fit sometimes cuts away the colour or letters.

I measured 21.71mm using caliper.

Get rid of the shiny bevel effect as well and have art that has no defined edges so that if you have a bit of leeway for cutting.

With the scanner method, 2 things.

  1. make sure you scan at 100% and don’t scale the dimensions of the scan of the white inner plunger. When printing, don’t fit to size and use 100%.

  2. when printing you always have a bleed. A bleed is to print out more than the cutting border, ,maybe 1/8 inch. On the bleed you might want to put 25% cross hairs not in the centerto help you to center the cut outs when you lay your inner plunger over them.

Right finally got it sorted thanks for all help & advice, looks abit rough around the edges, but as long as i cut them out straight should be ok, if anyone wants a copy of the original un cropped version just PM me