Clear Buttons Sanwa?

Hey Guys!

Within the next Week I should finally get my SE Fightstick.
I’m going to mod it with Sanwa Parts but unfortunately I didn’t find any clear buttons.
Does Sanwa have clear buttons or are these from Seimitisu?

Thanks for helping me!

Seimitsu PS-14-KN.
You could put Sanwa SW-68 switches in them.

There are sanwa with clear tops but the rims aren’t clear, those are hard to find and I forgot the part number. But those exist. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

SW-68’s are too small to fit in PS-14-KN. They fit in PS-14-K though. What you want are the RG switches.

First: thank you =)

I’m completely new to this whole Stick-thing and modding so here’s my next question:
Can I use seimitsu buttons and a Sanwy Joystick? or does it have to be all sanwa/seimitsu?

You can mix and match. You could have half sanwa and half seimitsu buttons if you really wanted to for some reason.

you can use whatever you want. its all a matter of preference

you can use a sanwa joystick, cause the pcb of the joystick is different from the pcb of the buttons. and what the above said ^

thanks to all of you^^

I’ll mod my Stick when I got used to it.

The Sanwa Buttons that you want would be OBSC-30.
They are just like the Seimitsu PS-14-GN(???), but are Sanwa.

These OBSC-30 have been discontinued for very long time.
Will be hard to find, but there are some people around here with them available.

That is right.
Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch will not fit in Seimitsu PS-14-KN.
They will however fit into Seimitsu PS-14-K.

For Seimitsu PS-14-KN, the Sanwa RS-SG Microswitch will fit in.

what exactly do I have to order if I want Seimitsu Clear buttons for my SE Stick?


anyone can help me?

do your button cut outs first. Put it on cardstock…then bring it back to kinkos for lami-label…that’s actually the only way to do it i guess.

Order Seimitsu PS-14-KN, PS-14-K?
I don’t really understand what you ask.

PS-14-KN Clear

So I don’t have to change anything than? just switch out the buttons and done? no problems with wiring or something like that?

yeah just change out the buttons, but these buttons are screw in. You might be able to put the nut under the mounting plate if you have these and screw it in. I don’t know if it goes the same for the SE, because I have a TE. Doesn’t hurt to buy the buttons and try.

go ^ there. The guy modded his SE with Clear Buttons.

okay thank you!

edit: now there is one question left.
I want a six button layout but what will I have to do with the cables of the left 2 Buttons? Can I just leave them in the Case or do I have to remove them?
If that’s the case how do I remove these cables?
((Thats my first stick and my first mod :frowning: ))

They will be connected to the button via quick disconnects which are a metal enclosure that fit crimps onto the wire and slides over the tabs of the button. You can pull it off the button tab with a pair of pliers or sometimes just by wiggling them with your fingers gently.

Once you remove them and remove the buttons you will have to do something so those two quick disconnects nor any of the exposed conductor ever makes contact with each other. If they do come in contact your system will register it as a button press until they are separated again. You could either use electric tape to wrap it all or cut the disconnect off and just tape the end of the wire or come up with other creative non-conductive solutions to make sure the two don’t make contact.

I feel sure you already saw this but you can order button blanks for the buttons rather than having to come up with other solutions to fill the void.

I need some Sanwa Switches. now… I already got some clear Semitsu’s on the way so I can make them light up at each press.

allright thank you.

Think I’ll order 8 Buttons and put inputs like taunt on these or just nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: