Clear buttons vs solid?


Guys sorry to make a new post but apparently my hitbox style TE panel is complete so i really need to get some buttons ordered for my mod now. I have been debating what colour buttons to get depending on my artwork but then figure if i just get clear i dont have to worry about it. But i am worried that they are somehow worse quality than normal ones having detachable lenses etc? Someone else also said that they thought the clear buttons were convex?

Will they feel and play the same as normal buttons or are they cheaper/flimsy feeling? I was going to get sanwa just because thats what was in my TE and hitbox in the first place but if seim are better i could go that route but i really want to order them today so feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks all


Further to this, i cant see actual clear buttons just tinted. OSBC-24 buttons but CW or CS for white or smoke, nothing thats completely transparent. Any opinions on which look better?


I prefer clear Seimitsu 24mm over clear Sanwa 24mm as (to me anyways) Seimitsu buttons are easier to insert art of your choice.
The upper portion of the clear/transparent Seimitsu buttons are crystal clear so there no issue with art being obscured.


arent the seimetsu meant to be a bit tougher to press? i figure the lighter the touch required the better for hitbox and for less fatigue. Though having fully clear would certainly beat the tinted sanwa ones :expressionless:


Yes Seimitsu is harder to press than Sanwa, but not by that much, the difference is less than 10 grams of force. 10 grams = The Weight of 2 US nickels.
My keyboard has stiffer keys than Sanwa makes buttons, and I don’t get fatigue while typing, but each there own.

Keep in mind this is my opinion.
If you are really concern about Fatigue while button pressing ignore the clear buttons all together and get the regular non-transparent Sanwa push buttons.
If you want good snazzy looking art in your push buttons get Seimitsu.


Yeah you are right fatigue was a bad example lol :slight_smile:
Arent seimitsu buttons sunk level with the border of the buttons so mite be awkward to press with the thumb?


I don’t have a issue with them, then again I do not use a hit box