Clear plexi for original MAS full size 8 button

Does anyone know where I could get one of these or possibly have a PSD with dimensions for the plexi \ art work. I sold my bro one of my MAS sticks and he wants to pimp it out.

This is the layout\size he has. Sort of a waste covering up a vintage never been used MAS stick =( I can design the art work I just need the templates.

Any info is much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

Probably won’t help much but, here’s a dude on ebay selling Super Pros. Maybe you can throw him an email about just selling a plexi

Yeah, I have seen that company’s ad on ebay as well. I am not sure though if they are authentic MAS sticks though, the stock picture they use is of a MAS super pro stick, but the company’s name or should I say ebay user name is galaxy3000 and not massystems, and they say that they use new cases and components. AFAIK the only people mas systems makes new sticks for is arcade shock or though mas themselves. I could be wrong though. I would be interested to find out.


I emailed the guy on Ebay asking for a real picture and this is what he said.

"Dear sethian0,

They look identical, this is our product factory picture, since they are made to order they go out right away. Thank you again for your interest.

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Dear atarigalaxy3000,


Can you send me an actual picture of the item. Not a picture off the internet?


  • sethian0"

And no, they won’t make plexis they said. The hunt continues.

Thanks anyways!

Thanks for e-mailing the company. That is interesting, they say that their product looks indentical and that the picture they show is of the product that they are producing. Is this another ebay account for mas or is this company making mas knockoff’s with mas branding. (if this is the case I wonder if mas systems knows about it.) Well anyway thanks for getting a response from the guy and good luck with finding your plexi.

I believe they are not from america as ebay says if I were to purchase it today it would be here June 7 - June 20th which is more inline with shipping from Hong Kong or something. And I am pretty sure that picture is taken from massystems website from 2005.

Have a look at the way back machine and scroll down about half way. You will see the picture I am talking about (I’ll link it just incase)

I will inform MAS on their twitter.

With a ruler, compass, and photoshop… You can make your own template…

I will eat your babies voodoo man!

JK Thanks. I know but I was hopeing someone just had a shop I could buy one. Me tinks I will end up having to take your route though. I have seen people with MAS sticks that looked to have plexi on them. I will wait and see if MAS has something for me.