Clear Sanwa Pushbuttons


Could be I suck at searching, and if that’s the case sorry…

I’ve been looking around various websites for some Sanwa pushbuttons (specifically OBSF-24 and OBSF-30) with clear plastic for either the plunger or surround, but can’t find anything!

Can anybody kindly help me out with somewhere to buy these (if they actually exist?)

Any extra information about pushbuttons with clear plastic would be great. I seem to remember seeing some where you could put a image inside too?


Ponyboy in the trading outlet sells these.


Sanwa doesn’t produce clear plunger buttons anymore.

Your alternative (other than the Seimitsu clears) are the buttons Ponyboy sells and put in Sanwa SW-68 in them.


Either you must get Ponyboy Rollie, but buy SW-68 Microswitches with each to have feel of Sanwa.

You could also get PS-14-K, the Seimitsu Snap ins, they accept SW-68 Microswitches, so it will be feel of Sanwa button. But they are impossible to find in White or Blue.

You could get Seimitsu PS-14-KN, the screw in, but they do not accept SW-68, so no feel of Sanwa. This is what most do.

The image inside is by cutting artwork and putting it in the button cap. Some people, like arthong, will cut artwork to fit Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons. To see how put artwork inside: How To Mod The Madcatz Fight Stick with Seimitsu Parts. Pineconeattack! Steps #30?#40

To get Rollie, you must buy Ponyboy from Trading outlet. He will sell with SW-68 Microswitches. PS-14-K and PS-14-KN can be bought from, but does not sell SW-68 Microswitches by themselves to put with PS-14-K. But PS-14-K colors limited. You want rare White or Blue, you won’t find easy. You will have to search hard for in those colors.


The KNs take in the huge Sanwa switches though.


What is the quality of the parts that PonyBoy is selling? I understand it’s a different brand but what is Rollie?

Oh, and has anybody seen these alternate brand Pearl buttons? I know they’re not Seimitsu but I’m still interested since there are colors you can’t get in the PS-14-P line anymore and lord knows if Seimitsu will ever do a new runs of Pearls.

I just don’t want to end up buying something just because it’s available or cheaper that isn’t Sanwa or Seimitsu quality. You get what you pay for!


There’s also the long time discontinued sanwa OBSC expect to pay a LOT of money for those if you find some


Seen PS-14-Ps. They are Seimitsus.

They look nice. Wanted to buy some from before they closed, but I had no money then. Trying to find them now are a bit hard now, but well worth it if you like the pearl look to it.


So far the rollie buttons have been fine. Because the switches are interchangable you can replace the Rollie switches with the sanwa switches.

So far I can’t really tell the difference between the rollie and sanwa switches and have not worn out a rollie switch yet, but I’ve only had them for a few weeks and have been playing less.

#10 still has most of the Seimitsu Pearls in stock… Their stock of White Pearls is long gone and they just added Blue to the list of colors that are no longer available.

I was wondering if the Pearls that PonyBoy is selling, which are Rollies, are as good as the Seimitsu brand. Two of those presumed Rollies are White and Blue – the missing Seimitsu Pearl colors!

I guess the only way to find out how good they are is take the plunge and order some of them!