clear seimetsu


I’m having a hard time finding clear PS-14-KN for sale. Does anyone know where they are available?




I heard the business is in Japan. Isnt the shipping to the US going to cost a lot?


No it doesn’t cost that much, Akihabarashop is a really good and probably the cheapest you’re going to find them unless you get them local.


Lizard Lick has. has. has.

You really had to make another Thread?
Couldn’t you have used your first Thread?


Actually, if he’s referring specifically to the “white” PS-14-KN (the clear button seen here), then none of those sites have it in stock right now. They’re all sold out.


Yes, a lot of people keep thinking “clear” is the white one.

Clear is not a color!
All the PS-14-K and PS-14-KN are clear.

If Anarchy117 really is looking for the Colorless PS-14-KN, then has.
$3.50 per Button.

#8 seems nonexistant. Are you sure thats the website?

#9 has them in stock


If you can’t find clear buttons w/ all this info you should’nt be allowed to have them. You may choke on the small parts.


they are all sold out. Check the site before you try to act smart


Oops, I meant to type.

And those websites above do not have out of stock.
All those have Clear Buttons available for purchase.

Clear is not a color!


So try waiting a few days. I promise they will come back.:confused:


I know it always comes down to people saying clear is not a color, but they are pretty much what all sites list them as for purchase. So go complain to the sellers…telling it to the buyers won’t help. Also, none of the sites in that single post has them in stock. Cipher12 does though.


Yes, only Cipher12 has in stock Colorless/Clear/White PS-14-KN right now.
I mentioned it in Post 7.

I think that would solve situation of Anarchy117.