Clear Stick

I really want this. Its overpriced, but how cool would it be to pimp a clear stick:

whoa! :wow:

that would be perfect to make a rave stick

The best thing is, if everyone sported these, TheRealNeoGeo would never have to post about the ‘insides’ again :rofl:

If that bothers you I can stop.

No I like it. It gives this forum some personality. I’m just jibing you…

I am just so interessted in that ^_^. I will try to cut down on the “inside” questions, haha :D.

What if you get a scratch on it, it will look terrible! I rather wanna have a cool artwork.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of thing that are completely clear like that. It reminds me of that awful late-80’s/early-90’s fad with the clear, neon phones and shit. Tacky and boring.

I don’t like to see wiring. I want that shit hidden. I would much rather have a color finish and some individual artwork.

Buy the stick, and buy some 30+ gauge white wire. Rewire the stick and run all your wires along the seams. Presto, hides 90% of the wiring.

My mod for that stick would be to put a kitten and a ball of string inside. But only for special occasions like tourneys. Everybody would be like “dude, your stick ROCKS. It has a KITTEN! And it is totally playing with that STRING!” And I’d be like “yeah I know!”

ok, i work in a sign shop and we make alot of stuff out of 1/2" plex, which is what that looks like. you know how its annoying when you’ve been playing for your hrap for a while and that nice shiny top gets scrathed? well, plex scrathes just as easy and it look bad. plus it somewhat porous, so any dirt or oil in your skin will get into any scratches and it’ll look like shit within a few months of regular use…

I would have to agree with angryliberal on that. That would bug me if my stick got scratched like that. I think it’s a great idea but if you want to maintain it’s showroom quality then it would require constant up keep. Very nice overall but not for me.

Shinace- Is your av from an actual match or did you just photoshop that? That would be hilarious if it was from actual gameplay.

id put a separate clear chamber in there and put an aquarium in there. get some dead goldfish in there just like disco stu.



I would put artwork on the top, and have UV lights and blue led’s on the inside…but i would tint the plastic black. Or instead of artwork on the top, have whatever art i wanted sandblasted on the top of it. That way it glowed with the UV lights. >=D That would be SO awesome.

It’s an in game snapshot. There’s actually a counter hit that hasn’t even appeared yet, since it’s already full. Sakura vs sakura doing jab dp(trade), reversal jab dp(trade), reversal jab dp(trade), dizzy…

Hella reversals and counter hits.

I would put a metal ball that levetates between 2 magnets and a radio reciever and speakers on the sides.

The clear stick doesn’t seem like it’d be TOO difficult to make to me for some reason. i think the hardest part would be the metal frame.

:rofl: awesome