Clear/transparent button Noise: Sanwa VS Seimitsu


I had grabbed a set of Sanwa clear OBSCs a while back and they all made a terrible squeaking noise during use. I’m looking to replace them with clear Seimitsus. Has anyone had noise issues with the Seimitsu clear/transparent buttons? Any noise difference between snap-in and screw-in versions?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


They make the same noise as the sanwas in my experience, I went seimitsu -> sanwa and was surprised as I expected them to be more like the OBSFs


Ugh, that is bad news. It’s almost hard to believe that all/most people with transparent buttons would be putting up with the noise they generate.
Can anyone confirm that they’re getting noise with the Seimitsus?


Want me to record you a video?


I myself am still on the fence about this and would love to hear them/know how long/how many presses it takes for this problem to occur.


haha well, if you want to go that far… sure.


The Sanwas do it right from the factory. it’s not just an issue that develops over time


My ps14kn don’t squeak even after few months of use .


Good to know. The snap-in Sanwas don’t seem to make the noise until they’ve been installed. Must have something to do with the pressure of the metal panel against them? i’m guessing if they made a screw-in version like Seimitsu’s KNs they wouldn’t make any noise since the plate wouldn’t be putting any force on the button.

Guess I will just have to order sets of both Seimitsu snap-in and screw-in to do my own test…


My red OSBCs (came with Qanba Ice Red Q4) squeaked a little when the plunger was pressed slowly against the edge, but it went away after a week or so of regular use.