Clearing my name!

Sup peeps im bored ass a muth fucka at work so i thought id come on here and holla at yall!!

Now ive heard through the grape vine that this guy fubarduck says i dropped on him! Now i already know how this shit works.........some garbage ass player disses a good player to make himself look good! This guy has never played me a day in his life. And no disrespect to any one but if i played you and dont rember yo name its probally a reason for that! Now since i bought my 360 a couple of people play on my account! 3 to be exact! number1,is my wife who doesn`t play street fighter! number2, Tres outda 17th who everyone here knows doesnt drop! and my dog Grits and gravy who just bought an regular x box so he can play anniv!

My grandfather told me a sayin a long time ago yo reputation beats you where you goin! So nough said from that aspect!

1 last thing a few names come to mind: Afro lengends, Real decoy, Technical Monkey, Fox Kids UK, Endy22, Jumpsuit, Vanilla Tears, Co is 2 FG and a couple of other good players! All of these players know i have played them thousands of matches and have never dropped not once! Now if i had to put my money down i know this guy Fubarduck isn`t anywhere as good as any of these players i just named! So imma do it like this to Fubarduck or anyone down with this piece of shit…i want to offer yall a challenge!

Imma set up a quater match so everyone can watch and imma play yall first to 10 and we`ll let the viewers decide who would be the one to drop if it came down to it! Now imma show you and all the haters i dont have to drop on nobody!

What this dude is saying makes no sense imma drop on him and not Afro Legends:rofl: :rofl: I bet none of these pussies will respond,or if they respond they wont accept the challenge! I got money on dat!

But, quater matches wouldn’t affect your rank, you’d be proving nothing…


This dude dropped on me on 3rd Strike countless times.

It would prove that whoeva this guy is when i play him and beat him probally 10 to nil that i dont have to drop!

Only the good players wiil understand this next statement: Just because youre number 1,2 or three on a leaderboard doesnt mean you`re actually the number 1,2 or 3 player! Get it!

Every match you play in Anniv is a ranked match and i haven`t dropped not once,and whats funny is that the comp on Anniv is way stiffer than hyper yet imma drop on this scrub! THAT LIKE HOT BISHOP SAYING AFRO LEGENDS DROPPED ON HIM:rofl: :rofl: !!!:rofl:

twelvestylez: You used to be a dropper though, even back in the CVS2 days. Fubarduck is an estabished arcade tournament player. You have this “reputation” you think you have from playing online SFAE? That’s only an online rep on one game.

Also, you or someone on your account using Sagat dropped on my pad testing account at work called “pelican testing.” I am not the only person that has said you have dropped, and Parryall confirmed that.

We all know that if you lose in Hyper, your rank drops, especially to those with lower rank.

Also, the competition is much stiffer in AE online, but it’s also much laggier. I don’t even think I’ve EVER played a solid online match in AE without it lagging like crazy.

Maybe you have a horrible internet connection? I’ve played tons of matches with people who post here with no noticable lag

sigley, are you talking about AE or HF? I am referring to AE, and you might be playing a lot of players near the East Coast. My internet connection is fine, the game in general is just laggier and unresponsive as opposed to HF.

that’s weird. i have laggy games every time i try HF. i hardly ever had really bad games in AE. then again, i haven’t played AE in probably months

Man you think i give a fuck what you or anyone else says about me! I Know i aint no dropper…i dont have to drop on none of you clowns! Parry All ,are you kiddin me i completley dominate him everytime i play this guy! And as far as Capcom vs SNK goes i used to beat the shit out of 99 percent of the peps who played as a matter of fact niggaz used to drop on me for using only EX! DOG i dont have to drop! And i can prove it! Like i said ill play you parry all first to 10 in anniv record the matches and let everyone watch and let them decide who would drop if it came down to it! Man all yall are fuckin haters! And ill tell it to you to yo face! Man Fuck all yall!! Oh and i will also play first to 10 in Hyper and let everyone watch! Yall bitches dont want none of this! Oh and to fuck duck or what ever his name is tell him to come to quater match so i can meet him and show the world that this dude cant fuck with me! And who eva else wants some! Oh and please no more posts unless its to set up a day and time wich i know wont happen! Imma back what im sayin up. Im not goin to go off what another nig is sayin!

Oh and as far as that he say she say shit goes imma give you a bit of advice: BELEIVE NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR AND HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE!

Fuck all yall! i`m bout to let it be known!

Man i feel you these guyz are full of shit! He says AE is laggier than hyper:rofl: This guy is a fuckin joke!:rofl: Every one who says i dropped on them say that shit because they get their ass handed to them! Notice the peps who say i dropped are garbage! Well to me at least because i constantly beat the shit out of them



NA ask any of these peps who are damn good have i ever dropped on them! Yet imma drop on fuck duck or you or anyone for that matter,nigga get the fuck outta here with you bitch ass! You and fuck duck just want some attention,well you got it! naaaaaaaaaaaaa i take that back yall cookies aint worth my time fuck yall!

Why are you guys feeding this waste of text?

I don’t get it. As Savalas, i’m only good? But as Vanilla Tears, I’m great?

What’s in a name?

Man you a fuckin lie i ain`t never dropped on you in no 3rd strike i dont even play that shit! So you ca keep tellin lies if you want but all these peps that are doin and sayin all this hoe shit i got 3 words for ya…Fuck each and every last one of yall…yall aint nothin but some dick ridin, haters. Yall betta chill out with that shit its bad for yo health! :rofl: OOPs that more like19 or 20 words OOOH well! Just keep duckin me when its time to preform!

Oh and since were repeating shit that someone says with out any type of proof:

I aint goin to tell yall nig told me Dream Theater got tea bagged by 2 of my distant homies! And nig also told me that he goes both ways:, Na this is comin from a well known and respected patna of mine from right here in HollyGrove!

Na i wasnt goin to tell yall this but since nigs round here just repeating what another nig is sayin might as well get everything out!

In fairness to KJ, this is an ‘online’ forum. There’s no point in comparing reps of online players to tourney players here.

If you were refering to me,Open your mouth ,imma feed you about 11 inches of chocolate!! If not dont bother!

you want him to suck you off? homo.

now how yall gonna come at that man like that, half the bullshit that was said here is not true, all the OG’s know hes not a dropper, so stop all that you dropped vs me “when i was testing a arcade pad” i know for a fact that most u guys on here dropped on him cus he used EX, I know this becuse i used ex back in the day. but it could be on the fact that he may have beat ‘u’ and u dropped.
Twevlestyles a ‘Dropper’ Never!

Damn sorry this is still open guys. I’m still in Vegas from Evo. You all suck at this game.