Clearing up some Last Blade 2 misconceptions

One of the things I’ve heard from almost a dozen FAQs, and reviewers is that certain characters are better in either power or speed. While this is true for some characters, almost everyone uses the same two examples “Zantetsu for example would be better in speed due to his quickness, while Shigen would be better in power due to his slow speed and lack of combo ability”.

This isn’t true.
Zantetsu on power is able to link:
Crouching C > Crouching C > Standing C > QCB B > QCB HCF AB > Jumping QCF A X 2 as well as:
Crouching C > Crouching C > Standing foward C > F B F C > QCB A > Jumping QCF A X 2

On power, these combos do a sickeningly large amount of damage.

Also for Shigen: He has insane damage potential simply because of the reach of his standing B, which makes up for the slow speed of his attacks, and you can indeed link many of his moves on speed; the secret lies in chaining his QCB C x 2 from a light or hard slash, and then ending with either another tackle, his claw, the C version of his dashing throw, or his anti-air grab.

If you choose to use the claw (anywhere) or the tackle (in the corner), you can follow it up with a running throw that’ll actually scoop them right off the ground.

Cool thread man … :tup:

Btw, even with those powerful combos for Zantetsu, he owns more in Speed. With meter he can do so much more (you know the fear of his normal and now even Speed combos and the many different combo set ups), especially when his lifebar is flashing. Try this not easy, but possible, combo and you see what I mean.

j.B, b+A, A, A, d+B, now cancel into f,hcf+AB, then cancel into d,d+B Speed combo A, B, C, d+C, A, d+C -> f+BC -> jump in the air with A, C, hcb+C (or do d+C after A, C, because this is easier to connect)

Besides that great combo (still my fav in the game, to sad it isn’t that easy^^), it is easier do the beginner versions of this one (just do after the DM the j.qcf+A X 2), then the harder Power Mode link combos. Maybe Power is for real a superior choice in some matches, but I can handle Speed better.^^ Reminds me to play this game sometime soon again.

Play me on GodWeapon Best of the Best sometime.
I’m hurting for good matches.

And yeah, I know Zantetsu’s great on speed, but way too many people put his power down without knowing what you can do with it. I also think that power is better in the long run for a lot of characters, but like you I’m more comfortable in speed.

what about ex mode i think its pretty good you get both power and speed

EX mode has severe defense problems.
You take almost double damage for most moves, and if you get hit with a super/speed combo, consider yourself finished.

This was done to balance it out, as otherwise EX would own speed mode badly.

how exactly does the zantetsu inf work? how do u keep them from falling out rather?

You do it in the corner when they’re on the ground.
Using AC at all is lame quite frankly.
I want to castrate everyone I see using it online.

But like Kyokuji said you lack big time in defence. You can’t enhence the combo I mentened for Zantetsu in EX, so why bother with this mode.^^ Having the grab DM is useless, because you would need all the meter you get for the Speed links … That’s were the real damage is in my opinion.

Then you would also cry about Akari’s inf, which I think is extremly stylish?^^ Man it’s in the game so why not using as long as it’s not forbidden.

Btw, I’m from europe and my ping would be 300 or so on US server like in Quake 3. So forget about it and I must say fighting games suck online. I tried it once with a XBox and the lag alone was crap, sorry man.

Shouldn’t be that high. I played in a German server before, and my ping was around 140.
I’d be willing to play you in a Euro’ server provided my ping is under 150. Maybe one of these servers?

Personally, I don’t like any of the buggy stuff in LB. Anyone can do that stuff, and if you’re allowed to use them, then Zantetsu automatically owns everyone with AC spam.
Seriously, it’s lame losing to some scrub because he mashes half my life off everytime I jump.

Moriya’s teleport cancel
Akari’s corner infinite
Zantetsu, Kaede, and Lee’s AC glitch
Mukuro and Kagami’s infinites

There are a bunch of others as well, but they’re not as bad as these ones. Thankfully most of these are almost impossible to do by accident. I generally won’t use Akari’s talisman more than twice in the corner.

Apparently, the Japanese are quite good with certain characters on EX, as it does allow for some nasty combos.

Ain’t my cup of tea, I don’t even have the emus for it and I play on console (Dreamcast the LB2 Final Edition). Playing with a keyboard would suck. I’m not good enough with that.

For sure are some guys good with EX, but I don’t think Zantetsu. He doesn’t really benefit from the new super and don’t get more usefull combos, if you ask me.

Oh and please could you explain the Kagami inf, I never heard of it.^^

It’s basically A, crouching C, forward B, over and over on power.
Timing’s tight though.

If you ever change your mind about the emus, you can get Mame 0.64 here:

And there’s always PSX-PC convertors for like $10.

Zantetsu’s Power/Speed diff’s arent that big of a deal, imo he’s better in speed but he can low A into 50% either way…

Thx a lot for the inf.^^