Cleveland, Akron, Ohio SF4 Beatdown Aug 28th

Newly formed group Countdown321 featuring this years 3rd place Ultimate Gamer on the SyFy network, and this years [media=youtube]zsdQgTNbJPM&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecountdown321%2Enet%2Fvideos%2Ehtm&feature=player_embedded"[/media]is proud to annouce their first gaming tournament on August 28th.

Event will be held at the Twinsburg Library in Twinsburg, ohio. Located conveniently between Cleveland and the akron areas.

First Prize is $100. Second prize is $50. Third place is $25. Participation for the event is only $5 dollars ! With the success of this event, we can hold much bigger and larger tournaments with bigger and better prizes!

This event will also hold a score challenge event for the xbox live smash Geometry Wars 2, and a guitar challenge for Rock Band 2.
For all information and news, please visit Countdown321 Website

Feel free to post, or pm me with any questions, or if you are interested in more please contact for preregistration info !

-Darren (TheGhoulLord)


I can prob make it since it’s right down the street, but I hope this isn’t SFIV on 360, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:
I can provide a Playstation 3.

GL to you guys. In the future I hope you can switch to a participation-based $$ prize (70/20/10 standard split) and a set fee to cover the space.

We’re going to Indy’s tourney the next day so I might be bringing a couple people down for this.

get hype. im bringing couple of peeps from Columbus!

  1. What console? (360/PC/PS3/Arcade)

  2. Is there a minimum number of entrants needed to get the prizes you are advertizing? Your website is calling this a 64 man tournament, and I would not expect that turnout till you get some rep. (Which can’t happen unless you pay properly this time)

  3. Do you allow non-default controllers AKA arcade sticks?

Everything is being played on the xbox 360. We are capping the SF4 at 64 people, if we get that many we would be thrilled, but the prizes will be the same no matter how many show.
Arcade sticks/ customs are allowed and prefered for street fighter, basically it is bring your own stick.

You guys should invest in some Playstation 3’s if you’re going to run regular tournaments and def rethink how you’re doing the $$ unless you want to keep these small. At a normal tournament 1st place of a 64-man tourney would get over $400. That’s cool if you guys are just testing the waters here to start out, but yeah :wink:

lol… I dont trust anyone making tournies who isnt “SRK” after the few random people and organizations coming in here making tournies and then pulling tricks on people.

No thanks.

This sounds great! I’ve been waiting for a SFIV tournament to happen in the Akron area for months! I will be there!

We are really testing the waters with this one. Everything we learn from this one will be used to make the next tourny even better. There is no doubt that all prizes will be paid, I think Jamal wouldnt want to sully his repuation by hosting a fake tourny.

Alot of us own PS3s, but none of us play SF4 on it. I know sticks are more widely available for the PS3. But I have seen the 360 stick pop up all over lately. I will talk to some people, see what we can do as far as using a PS3 in the future.

Thanks for the feedback.

These guys have done other tournys around here before…Rock Band and Guitar Hero for example. Everything is on the up-and-up.

There should be plenty of sticks around if prople who play on the PS3 need to use one. Like OP said…they are just trying to bring a little excitement to the Cleve/Akron area.

If you guys dont want to play at least come and give Zophar a hard time for getting punked on the Ultimate Gamer. :cybot:

Hello everyone this is Jamal “Zophar321” Nickens, 2009 Iron-Man of Gaming and WCG Ultimate Gamer contestant. At we plan on bringing Competitive Gaming to the local Gamer! I’m hoping to see all the SF4 players come out to support our tourney. We are using this tournament to gauge the level of interest for tournaments in the future. If you are planning on attending/competing stop by

PS Mark Smith (mmapplesauce321) Winner of the WCG Ultimate Gamer will be attending and competing a Beatdown!!! So come see how you fair against the Ultimate Gamer.

Dude this tournament is definitely legit.

I will be there and I will try to bring some people too!

What time does this start?

7 p.m. the flyer says.

How many stations will you guys run SFIV on? Cos it might be a looong time, SFIV is pretty slow. I can bring a 360 + TV if there’s space for another station.

Hmm hopefully I get off work on time. I’ll try to be there.

I can pay for you and ask for them to put you in the bottom of the bracket if you end up late.

Looks good, I might check it out if I’m not busy with class. Hope this brings up some hype in the Cleveland area. Its kind of a pain to drive all the way to Fairfield (4 hours away) just to play some arcade sf4. Or does anyone know if there’s any arcades closer to Cleveland that have sf4 arcade cabinets? I must know! If not I hope this arcade stimulates some interest in arcades up here!

The Twinsburg library isn’t an arcade man

And the arcade in Fairfield, I’m assuming you mean Arcade Legends, does not have arcade SF4 either. The closest one is in Columbus I believe.

I know its not, but I’m saying if people see a lot of people like SFIV up here then maybe someone will get the idea to buy some SFIV arcade machines.

It doesn’t? Thought it says it does on the website? I haven’t tried going down there yet cuz its so far away but I’ll take your word for it. Whats the name of the place in Columbus?