Cleveland,Akron,Toledo,Columbus SSF4 + SSBB Beatdown 2 Gaming Tournament Aug14th

Nearly a year later Countdown321 is bringing fighting games back to the Cleveland area. is teaming up with Scoreboards: Sports Grill & Billiards to bring you Beatdown II. This time things will be bigger and badder then last time. To check out some action from Beatdown I goto [media=youtube]CAPlOsqVlLg[/media]

Event Location : Scoreboards - 10333 Northfield Rd, Northfield OH 44067

Start time : Noon til we are done

Games: Super Street Fighter 4 (Singles and Teams 2v2) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Also a 3rd game which will be decided by vote (to vote goto Beatdown II Vote for 3rd Game)

Venue fee: pre-register (ends aug 4th) $5 ; at location $10
Tournament fee**: $10 per tourney ( discount on venue fee if you join both) *voted game will have a $2 entry fee

-SSF4 will be played on Xbox360. If you don’t have arcade stick we will have a couple extra. Otherwise you will need to borrow some from other players.

For all information and news, please visit Website

Feel free to post, or pm me with any questions, or if you are interested in more please contact for preregistration info !

sooo down coming to this…Jamal whenever you have practice ill jus prepay then…i dont have paypal lol

I’ll be there for sure.

Same here. If you guys need any help or extra consoles/monitors then let me know!

Thanx LZX42 and prorook! We will definitely let you know about consoles/monitors - probably need a lil help on the ssbb side; especially if a decent amount of players show up for this.

I will more than likely be there.

Can’t wait! Since its at a bar is anyone allowed to play?

I can bring an SSBB set up if you need it. I might enter brawl for the hell out it lol.

Pumped for this tourney :slight_smile:

Hella interested. I hope everyone can make it out!

mini tourney. Sounds fun.

i wish TvC was on the ballot for extra game

add tekken 6 to the list and i’ll come out

-Creamy Johnson there are no age restrictions!

-4% APR I’m pumped as well and we can definitely use the smash setup help (can you pm me)

-Perfect Legend it will be an honor for a player of your calibur to grace our tourney!

-Insomnia TVC really sounds like a great idea…

-!!Sazabi!! goto Beatdown II Vote for 3rd Game and vote for tekken 6 to be the 3rd game

SSF4 1st (pre-register list)

  1. Zophar321
  2. TheGhoullord
  3. Thirstee321
  4. GorgeousGalvin
  5. Tripletopper321
  6. KillaKovach
  7. LansOp
  8. Creamy Johnson
  9. Friktion321
  10. Kainofury
  11. Admiral Biotch

*remember preregisters only pay $5 venue fee *Last day to pre-register is Aug 4th -Venue fee at door is $10
to pre-register goto : Welcome to - Home of the Countdown

any suggestions on getting smash players? we have zero people pre-registered for that event?

I saw it was posted on smashboards and I posted in that thread that I was going. I can try to tell some people about it but im more of a melee player so I’m not sure how many I can get.

Maybe ill attend to this!!!

Everybody choose Adon…lol j/k. That’d be epic if you came here, Justin. I’d so totally try to make it to play some casuals and try to get some help on my game. :slight_smile:

not sure if the TO noticed this but this tourney is the week before this
most people can afford to travel from out of town back to back just seems silly to have 2 regionals in the same area 2 weekends in a row.

Hey Zophar321, I’ll deff be there man. I can’t wait for August 14th!

What are you worried about MrBlastyV2. I have no doubt all of the serious tournament players plan on going to both. I’d be willing to bet they’d even show up if the tourneys were back to back days!

I see where your coming from, but we’ve had this planned for a few months now :~/ I don’t think 2 back to back tournys is a issue for most people. I’ll be coming down to Columbus to compete the week after Beatdown :slight_smile:

right but im saying you for most people coming from out of state 2 weekends in a row is gonna be hard on them alot arnt going to be able to do it …and you may have been planning it for months fact is we posted first and if you want to get into planning bar battles 2 was in april we have been hardcore planning it since then. I am not worried about the turn out for my event I am just trying to help you guys out for the future I would do a little research first. cause there are at least 3 ohio tourneys back to back to back weekends and having that many will effect the numbers for us all.